Controlling TV with an Android mobile is now much easier

Many have not heard of Google Home. Who else and who less will have used the application to configure the brand’s Chromecast, but it is an application that allows us to turn our home into a very smart house. And now, with its latest update, much more.

In August 2022, a date that seems far off right now, it was announced that the Google Home app would have the ability to control the most popular smart home devices on the market. Thanks to this, somewhat later than expected, now the app allows us to control TVs compatible with Android TV or Google TV. It can also help you control fans, air purifiers, and even vacuum cleaners.

Control TV with Google Home

Nor is it a revolutionary novelty, since the google app already had these tools to control the TV from the mobile. What happens is that, right now, they have been improved to make it easier to adjust basic playback parameters such as changing the volume, accessing the configuration menu, etc…

New touch controls include the option to volume up/down, mute/unmute, power on/off, play/pause, change channels or select Source. These are legacy controls directly from Nest Hub devices and are now available for the Google Home app.

All updated features can be seen in the Google Home app (version, and they’ll be available via a server-side update, so don’t panic if you open the app and can’t find them. The launch of these new tools is being carried out in stages and there are still not many devices in Spain that can use it.

google home controlsDoes it work with any TV? The short answer is no, but the reality is that the firm has warned that different brands of televisions that work with their own operating systems, such as LG and Samsung, will be able to use the improved controls of Google Home to change channel, increase the volume or change the source on your TV. if you have one SmartTV that works with Android TVthen you can be sure that you can use the app to control it, as soon as the app is updated.

Alternatives while you wait

Looking for a alternative to all those physical remote controls cluttering up your living room table and you can’t wait for Google Home to update with new control options? Don’t worry, in the Play Store there are several applications that allow us to use the phone as a universal remote control.

While it is true that these apps are far from perfect, there are some more outstanding applications that could help you control TV remotely without much effort. On a personal note, we recommend you try some of the following. If you don’t like one, its interface doesn’t convince you, or you think it has few options, all you have to do is go back to the Android store to select another of the many free ones that the developers make available to you.

Mi Remote controller - for TV
Mi Remote controller - for TV

Universal remote control for tv
Universal remote control for tv

Universal TV Remote
Universal TV Remote

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