Controversial statement of the Colt. The DT does not know the possible reinforcement that Cruz Azul would seek

“Who is…?” Raúl Gutiérrez said about one of the presumed candidates to reach Machine

Or could it be that the technical director of Cruz Azul is just testing the ground?
© imago7Or could it be that the technical director of Cruz Azul is just testing the ground?

After the first match of the SKY Cup, Raul Gutierrez, Blue Cross Techniciandetected the lack of a left side in your template. The questionable performance and the injury he suffered Jaiber Jimenez in the match against Necaxa caused the strategist sky blue point to an element that covered that particular area.

And after he Foal gutierrez declared the punctual need, the name of Francisco Venegasplayer who after being released from the Tigres UANL was located in the death of Cruz Azul. In this sense, it was noted that the 24-year-old winger was very close to becoming a reinforcement for the team cementer.

On possible arrival of paco Venegas to Cruz Azulit was noted that the directive cement He has engaged in talks with the player and it has even transpired that the footballer has on the table a six month offer with option to renew for two years.

However, according to his own words coach sky blue Raul Gutierrez during the press conference this Friday after the game against Chivas, The arrival of Francisco Venegas at Cruz Azul is a utopia. And it is that he Foal was dispatched with a statement showing that there has never been interest by the former Tigers player.

“Who is Venegas?”answered the Foal gutierrez after being questioned about what seemed imminent arrival of the Mexican soccer player to Blue Cross. “I do not know what are you talking about”the coach reiterated at the insistence of the reporter.

Tested the ground?

Now, the statement Raul Gutierrez -which does not cease to be controversy– may have another or other readings. And in that sense, the words of the Blue Cross coach can also be associated with prefer to avoid the subject; that is, that actually the directive cement are negotiating with Francisco Venegasbut Foal He prefers to keep his distance.

And it is a reality that the transfer has been delayed more than the bill. In this sense, it is an open secret that after openly declaring interest in a player, this situation is exploited by the footballer himself or his representative to look for improvements in the agreement with the club that wants it. to time.

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