Copa América would no longer be organized in the United States, there would be a new organizer | National teams

The 2024 Copa América had Ecuador as its initial venue, to host the continental contest, according to the rotation order imposed for some time. However, the country decided to step aside a while ago.

After this, the option for the tournament to now be played in the United States was leaked, with several Concacaf clubs and guests from other federations, under a format similar to that carried out in 2016, with the centenary edition.

Now, the official decision is awaited. Despite the guideline, in Ecuador they propose to dialogue, to find a way to have the contest in their territory. According to information from the Olé newspaper, from the Federation, it was the first refusal, but in the Ministry of Sports, they open the option.

Sebastián Palacios, leader of the government entity, affirmed that there will be talks to have the Cup “A meeting with Francisco Egas is pending to hear his point of view regarding the Copa América in Ecuador. We are a country that has demonstrated the ability to organize international events. He did well in the Libertadores finals both in Guayaquil and Quito ”in information given by Radio Redonda.

Furthermore, he added “As a government, one of our objectives and you have heard our president, is more world in Ecuador. In the sports field, it moves to have more large-scale events in the country. We are always willing to support the initiatives that the different federations may have”.

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