Copper hair: the hottest and most trending dye of 2023

On the other hand, you can also choose those options added with color pigments, to give it a boost in each wash, keeping the hair in better condition.

Be careful with the water temperature

Forget extremely hot water, the key to making the copper hair look much more radiant is to use lukewarm water or, if possible, almost cold. This will prevent the hair strand from opening up, becoming porous, letting the color escape more easily.

Furthermore, it is a must to keep your scalp and hair in better condition, as well as your skin!

The shampoo and conditioner combo you can use: Ever Pure Bond Sulfate-Free Color Care System, by L’OrĂ©al Paris.

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Space out the washes

It is not a secret that, unlike other colorations, the reddish tints They tend to wash off more easily. For this reason, experts recommend spacing out washes as much as possible, as much as your routine and hair type allow, to avoid losing pigment and shine.

However, between washes, it is always possible to resort to dry shampoo and conditioner, in addition to betting on cute up-dos.

Don’t skip the touch ups

Believe us, visits to the salon are noticeable, and a lot! So do not put them off and go to your trusted stylist at least every month, or a month and a half, to do some color touch-ups and even to apply a professional treatment that reconditions your hair to face the bleaching and dyeing processes. . Your hair will appreciate it to the fullest!

Now yes, ready to take the copper hair in 2023? It will be your best bet to hit one of the most trendy of the year!

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