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diseases directly related to poor water and food treatment as they are cholera, typhoid fever, paratyphoid, salmonellosis, shigellosis and intestinal amebiasis, Commission for Protection against Sanitary Hazards (COPRICEH) has been strengthened Control the actions and thus reduce the incidence of health risks.

owning to Ministry of Health in Hidalgo (SSH), MarĂ­a Zoraida Robles Barrera, explained that so far this year 35 talks have been held for people from municipalities considered endemic.

This is to prevent the spread of Dengue, Zika and Chikungunya.

This type of conversation reflects on topics like Disinfection and proper management for safe simple water consumptionAndFood hygiene and proper diet For prevention of overweight, obesity and diabetes, hand washing, proper waste disposal, sewage management and control of harmful organisms.

Even more Guide the population to wash and disinfect water tanks and basinsAll water storage containers should be well covered, keep mosquito nets on doors and windows to prevent the entry of harmful organisms.

Keep the place of solid and organic waste clean and disinfected, Avoiding the spread of flies or harmful organisms; Consuming purified water that is safety labeled and sealed; Buying foods such as dairy, chicken, meat and fish only when they are refrigerated or preserved with ice and not at room temperature.

Besides, Avoid eating in public Because they can be contaminated, wash and disinfect food thoroughly before preparing and eating it.

the state official indicated that Basic sanitation activities are carried out permanently in schools, markets and public buildings In addition, training was provided to food handlers to reinforce proper hand washing. Disinfection of fruits and vegetables, Cold chain protection, as well as compliance with health regulations.

He invited the public to immediately report any irregularities by food operators to the number 771 718 1756.

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