Corina Mestre strongly criticized for what she did to Ana de Armas in Cuba

As a result of the success that Ana de Armas has gained after the premiere of the movie ‘Blonde’, where she plays the legendary Marilyn Monroe, several users have criticized the veteran actress Corina Mestre for what she did to the young woman while she was studying in Cuba .

Although there are not many details about it, a publication with a meme circulates on social networks that, more than funny, is a strong criticism of what Corina supposedly would have done to who now enjoys a special place in Hollywood.

According to the post shared by the Cuban filmmaker Juan Carlos Cremata, the actress who worked as a professor at the National School of Art, specializing in Theater, would have suspended Ana’s course for making a film. Likewise, they compare the achievements of both actresses, specifically, referring to the national theater award that Mestre has, while the Cuban-Spanish “is on her way to an Oscar.”

Although Corina Mestre Vilaboy is considered an outstanding actress for her long and recognized work on stage, her affinity with the Castro regime is no secret to anyone. Now, with this comparison, there was no shortage of reactions from the Cuban community criticizing her position in favor of the island’s government.

“She’s a communist, she doesn’t talk anymore, she has everything, everything bad that could exist, I can imagine how much envy ran through her veins at that moment, but thank God Ana is a great artist and we are very proud of her, great Cuban and actor”, “What a great power to destroy talents and dreams!! Almost all of us have those kinds of anecdotes of her with her ”,“ Today one crawls and the other flies. Things of destiny”, are some of the comments that are read in the post.

Likewise, other users took the opportunity to express that they had similar experiences in Cuban institutions.

“My daughter studied at the School of Art Instructors in Havana Boyeros and she sometimes gave her patriotic talks…”, “There are so many Anas/os… but no way, life is what gives you the place…”, “Because life is a roulette wheel, you never know what awaits you, but it takes care of putting everyone in their place at the right time”.

It is worth mentioning that soon the Cuban public will be able to enjoy the performance of their countrywoman in theaters in Havana.

According to a note from the official Tribuna de La Habana, Havanans will have the opportunity to see the film at the Yara cinema, from Thursday to Sunday at 5:00 p.m. and at the Chaplin, from Friday to Sunday at 6:00 p.m. 00 in the afternoon, they specify.

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