Corona Capital 2023: Facts You Might Not Know About Niall Horan

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niall horan He is part of the adolescence of many youth who are beginning their transition towards adulthood today, which is why for many he is an artist whose mention brings up a lot of nostalgia, especially for youth direction guide who lived the golden age of the group in the same direction,

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Currently, the former One Direction has become one of the most prominent artists today, thanks to the success they have had as a music group as well. Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Zayn Malik and Liam PayneAnd.

Now, the talented 30-year-old artiste continues to conquer the music scene Join us at Corona Capital this Saturday, November 18th and delight all the Directioners who are still waiting for the boy band’s comeback.,

That’s why today we have brought for you Seven interesting facts about Niall Horan that you probably didn’t know,

-Niall started playing guitar at a young age, when his parents gave him a guitar for Christmas. Of course, that’s why he’s an expert!

-In 2010, he made his first television appearance in a game show called Academy 2.

-That same year, He participated in the competition that brought him fame, The X Factor, where singer Nicole Scherzinger suggested he join the group.,

-In 2012, he was recognized as the most popular member of One Direction due to his charisma and closeness to his fans.

-Niall Horan has confessed that he suffers from claustrophobia and is afraid of pigeons, who would have thought that he was afraid of Kevin the barking pigeon.

-Contrary to what was thought, Niall Horan was the only Irishman in One Direction, as the rest of his bandmates were British.

– In 2016, the band One Direction decided to split up so that each of its members could pursue their solo careers, and it didn’t take long for Niall to release hits like “Slow Hands”.

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As additional information, it is important to highlight that Niall is fond of sports. Believe it or not, Niall turned his love for food into sports. The Irishman especially enjoys rugby and golf,

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