Coronavirus, from the bulletin of Monday 7 March 2022

Unfortunately, the week of Trentino returned to the white zone with the news of three deaths, two of which occurred in hospital: these are two men around the age of 80 and a woman over ninety. The deceased were vaccinated and suffered from other diseases.
On the contagion front, the positive cases today are 117: 9 to the molecular (out of 155 tests carried out) and 108 to the antigenic (out of 1,440 tests
carried out). The molecular then confirm 4 positivity intercepted in the past few days by the rapid tests.
There are 61 hospitalized patients, 3 of whom are in resuscitation. Yesterday 10 new hospitalizations and 2 discharges were registered.

Anti Covid vaccination campaign "Free from the virus, free to live"

Anti Covid vaccination campaign “Free from the virus, free to live” [
Archivio Ufficio Stampa PAT, CC BY SA 4.0]

Here is the breakdown by age group of the new cases:
4 between 0-2 years
2 in 3-5 years
9 between 6-10 years
4 between 11-13 years
7 between 14-18 years
26 between 19-39 years
31 between 40-59 years
10 between 60-69 years
11 between 70-79 years
13 of 80 and over.
Yesterday the classes with suspension of teaching in the presence were 4. The vaccines administered today are 1,190,386, of which 424,725 second doses and 316,165 third doses. The active cases in our territory are 2,849, 51 less than yesterday. The healed are 166 more, for a total of 136,423 since the beginning of the pandemic.



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