Coronavirus, in Italy other 76,250 cases (+ 43.5% weekly) and 165 deaths

In Sardinia 2,113 new cases, 7 deaths

In Sardinia there are today 2,113 further confirmed cases of Covid positivity (of which 1,670 diagnosed by antigen test). A total of 12,260 swabs were processed, including molecular and antigenic. The patients admitted to the intensive care units are 18 (one less than yesterday). The patients hospitalized in the medical area are 338 (1 more than yesterday). There are 27,075 cases of home isolation (535 more than yesterday). There are 7 deaths: a 95-year-old woman residing in the Metropolitan City of Cagliari; a 95-year-old woman and two 83 and 91-year-old men resident in the province of Southern Sardinia; an 81-year-old woman and a 77-year-old man resident in the province of Oristano; a 91-year-old woman residing in the province of Sassari.

In Valle d’Aosta 62 new cases and no deaths

62 new Covid cases have been registered in Valle d’Aosta in the last 24 hours for a total of 31,863 since the beginning of the pandemic. This is what emerges from the bulletin of the Region that does not communicate other deaths for a total of 522. On the other hand, 42 are recovered and 1,125 are currently positive, none of which in intensive care, 16 in the ward and 1,109 in home isolation.

In Puglia positivity still rises, 23.6%. 10 deaths

The coronavirus positivity rate in Puglia continues to rise, reaching 23.6% (yesterday 20.3%) of the ratio between the 8,521 new positives and the 36,065 daily tests recorded. The victims are 10, while of the 96,493 (yesterday 92,101) people currently positive, 560 (yesterday 550) are hospitalized in a non-critical area and 29 in intensive care, two more than yesterday. The provinces of Lecce, with 2,616 cases and that of Bari, with 2,603, are the most affected by the infections which are 1,031 in the Foggia area, in the Tarantino 926, in the Brindisi area 711 and in the Bat 578.

In Tuscany another 11 deaths, hospitalizations and intensive care on the rise

There are eleven – six women and five men with an average age of 79.3 years – the Covid positive people who have died in the last 24 hours in Tuscany, where the number of victims of the epidemic has risen to 9,301. In total there are 921,405 cases of positivity to Covid in the region. The average age of 5,689 new positives today is approximately 41 years (21% are under 20, 23% between 20 and 39, 31% between 40 and 59, 18% between 60 and 79, 7% have 80 years or older). The healed grew by 0.4% and reached 872,326 (94.7% of total cases). The currently positive today are 39,778, + 6.8% compared to yesterday. There are 709 hospitalized (29 more than yesterday), of which 29 in intensive care (2 more).

4,151 new cases and 12 deaths in Emilia Romagna

In Emilia-Romagna, in the last 24 hours, there have been 4,151 new cases out of a total of 21,989 swabs performed – of which 11,576 molecular and 10,413 rapid antigenic – with a positivity rate of 18.9%. The province with the most infections is Bologna with 864 new cases, followed by Modena (625) and Reggio Emilia (518); then Ravenna (445), Parma (444) and Ferrara (321); then Rimini (270), Cesena (230), Forlì (156) and Piacenza (155); finally, the Imola district with 123 new cases. The average age is 41.2 years. On the hospitalization front, patients in intensive care in Emilia-Romagna are 52 (-1 compared to yesterday, -1.9%), while those in the other Covid departments are 965 (-26 compared to yesterday, -2.6 %). Finally, 12 deaths are recorded: the highest number of deaths, 3, is located in the provinces of Parma and Forlì-Cesena.

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