Coronavirus, Undersecretary Costa: “All restrictions removed from June 15. Contagion zero? Utopia, now we have to live with the virus”

It will be a summer without any kind of restrictions related to coronavirus. For the first time in over two years of pandemicItaly can return to pre-Covid lifeat least on paper, as announced by the Undersecretary of Health Andrea Costa to Radio24. “The country and the government have chosen gradualness to tackle the pandemic, in restrictive measures and easing – he said – After two years, there is a different responsibilityin some situations they continue to wear masks, it’s time to trust the Italians. After June 15, I believe the conditions are in place to reach one summer without restrictions“.

The favorable health situation and the responsibility shown by the population have therefore led the executive to think of breaking down any provision related to the pandemic, given that the policy of ‘zero contagion’ in Chinese style “It’s a utopia” and that therefore we must learn to live with the virus, now that conditions allow it. “The goal of having zero infections is utopian and unattainable”, she continued, it is necessary “to arrive at a coexistence with the virus that allows everyone and our hospitals to go on to resume ordinary activities. We are confident – he added – that we are facing a new phase, the important thing is to proceed with the fourth dose for the elderly and frail because it makes them more protected, as well as boostering the approximately 3 million citizens who are waiting for the booster dose. It is important to complete the vaccination cycle so that we are all protected in the event of a possible resurgence of the virus “.

A ‘free all’ who, according to the undersecretary, arrived very gradually, perhaps even more than necessary, at least from his point of view. In fact, the government exponent confesses that he is one of those who would have already removed the obligation to wear a mask during lessons in the primary and childhood schools: “I was among those who argued that perhaps during lessons, when the children are in place at the desks, the use of the mask could have been avoided – he affirmed – Then the line of maintaining the obligation until the end of the school year prevailed, also in consideration of the fact that we are now close to the end. Indeed, it was not the case to change the rules again in an area, that of the school, in which objectively it was not easy to keep up with the rules we had introduced. We could have done better, especially from the point of view of simplicity. In the world of school some contradictions emerged“.

Then the undersecretary spoke of the end of the obligation to wear outdoor masks. “Today we have limited restrictions to a minimum. After 2 years of rules and restrictions I believe that there is also a different awareness on the part of the citizens. We see that outdoors we have removed the obligation but many continue to use it. Giving recommendations instead of obligations was an act of trust with respect to the population, which today knows how to evaluate better and is aware that the mask is still a valid protection in some circumstances “.

This does not mean, however, that the end of the restrictions can already be considered a definitive return to normality. The virus has taught that, with the arrival of autumn, of new variants and other possibly imponderable variables, the situation could get worse again. “Today it is impossible to know what will happen in September or October. This is why I think that all the people for whom the fourth dose is foreseen, I am thinking of the elderly or the ultra-frail, must provide. Even today, the vaccine offers the greatest protection against the virus. There is talk of recall in the autumn, we hope that the is ready by then new vaccine, more updated. I hear about the fourth, fifth or sixth dose, I would speak of annual recallas we do for the flu shot “.

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