Coronela already has an accusation from the Prosecutor’s Office

The seven involved in the attack perpetrated against members of the Ombudsman’s Office and the press, at the Dog Track last April, will have to face the accusation filed by the National District Prosecutor’s Office before the Coordinating Office of the Investigating Courts .

The instance, presented by the District Attorneys Minerva Batista Hernández and Santa Matilde Reyes Valenzuela, formalizes the request to open a trial against Ysabelita de los Santos Pérez, Geraldina de los Santos Peña, Marisol Vargas, Nataniel Javier Javier, Starling Ramírez Sierra, Ronny Recio Rosario and Carlos Oliver Borque Paulino.

The Public Ministry reported that the National Institute of Forensic Sciences (Inacif) recovered the deleted data from the phone that was taken from the Listín journalist.

The document indicates that the defendants physically and verbally assaulted the victims, when a commission headed by the Ombudsman, Pablo Ulloa, went to the scene and went to the office of the person in charge of the Dog Track Vehicular Retention Center, in the General Directorate of Security and Land Transport (Digesett).

Batista Hernández and Reyes Valenzuela point out that Ulloa visited the facilities, along with the media, to carry out an inspection, motivated by multiple complaints filed in their offices.

They also detail that, when the victims were preparing to enter the administration offices of the center, the accused Ramírez Sierra snatched and destroyed the video cameras from a CDN cameraman and a smart watch, in addition to taking his camera from a reporter from the Listín Diario and the photographer from the Ombudsman, who he also physically assaulted.

The physical damage was also extended to Ulloa, hitting him in the back and pushing him aggressively, causing physical injuries that could be cured in one to ten days, according to a forensic medical certificate.

Subsequently, Colonel De los Santos Pérez, director of the Dog Track, accompanied by the defendants Recio Rosario and Borque Paulino, pushed and prevented the victims from passing, while yelling obscene words and manipulating a golf club threatening to hit, an intention that did not succeed. due to the intervention of a police agent who was at the scene.

In the statement they point out that the conduct of the accused Ysabelita de los Santos Pérez, Starling Ramírez Sierra, Ronny Recio Rosario and Carlos Oliver Borque Paulino was described as rebellion, blows and wounds, which constitute a violation of articles 209, 212, 309 and 234 of the Dominican Penal Code.


bumps and wounds

The accusation made by the National District Prosecutor’s Office points out that the conduct of Marisol Vargas, Nataniel Javier Javier and Geraldina de los Santos Peña was classified by the prosecutors as blows and wounds, crimes sanctioned by article 309 of the Dominican Penal Code. De los Santos Peña is also accused of violating articles 5 and 10 of Law 53-07, on High-Tech Crimes and Crimes.

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