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SAN ANTONIO, Texas. – Corpus Christi, South Texas, was named the second sweatiest city in America according to reports.

The website ranked Corpus Christi as the second sweatiest city after evaluating the average summer temperature relative humidity, days above 90 degrees, exercise rate, and stocking density.

The page compared 200 metropolitan areas largest cities in the US to see which cities residents sweat the most.

Orlando, Florida, occupied the first position on the list followed by Texas city.

The Corpus results were as follows:

Average summer temperature: 86 °F
Summer season: 3.9 months
Relative humidity: 76%
Days above 90 degrees: 98.4 per year
Exercise rate: 43.4%
Population density: 2,050 people per square mile

Third place went to Baton Rouge in Louisiana, fourth place went to New Orleans, Louisiana, and Tallahassee, Florida came in fifth place.

Heatwave and drought in Texas

Texas has been under a heat wave since last month as temperatures have been above average normal for the time of year.

To date, San Antonio has only recorded rainfall accumulations of 5.11 inches, the normal is 16′ inches of rain.

This situation had not been experienced in the last 97 years, according to Gabriel Torres, a meteorologist from Univision 41. “We are going through an extreme drought n addition, this heat wave promises to hit everything because this weekend sensation temperature of up to 110F is forecast, “he said.


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