Correa-Mets pact would be less time and money

Although there is still possibility that the mega deal between Carlos Correa and the Mets will fall throughDue to the concerns of the Queens team for the Puerto Rican’s right ankle, a solution that makes both the player and the team happy is still realistic. The Athletic’s Ken Rosenthal said Tuesday that he believes everything will be resolved this week.

But even if Correa does end up with the Mets, the terms of the mammoth contract are expected to look “dramatically different“Once the official firm. According to the famous columnist, the pact between the Puerto Rican infielder and the Metropolitans “would no longer be for 12 years and US$315 million guaranteed,” but the value and duration of the agreement could drop considerably.

Rosenthal said the Mets and Correa are still working on a restructured deal and “there are no signs that (the Mets) want to back down.”

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