Correos issues a postage stamp dedicated to Marseille Castle – Pamplona

Match has issued postage stamp dedicated to Marseille Castle, within the framework of the ‘Castle’ series. Public company has put into circulation a stamp with circulation 124,000 units, Where an intagliograph of the palace of the city of Navarre is shown.

On occasion, you can also buy an artist’s proof which includes an aerial view of the city of Marseille in ochre. 14,000 units of this philatelic product have been issued.

Marseille Castle is included in the Castles series which has been spreading these architectural works around the world since 2001. Each ticket issued costs 3.75 euros, while the artist’s certificate costs 9.99 euros.

Both postal items dedicated to Marseille Castle can be purchased at the Post Office, through the Correos Market, by contacting the Philatelic Service by e-mail, or by calling 915 197 197.


Marcila Castle is a Gothic-style fortress built in the 15th century by the architect Moises Pires de Peralta. Acquired by the Government of Navarra in 1976 and “deeply” restored in the period 2008–2012, it currently houses the town hall and other municipal organizations.

In addition to a defensive role, the fort also served as a palatial mansion for the Marquis of Falces, a descendant of Pierre de Peralta, for four centuries.

In the year 1516 “it was in danger and, on the verge of being demolished, by Gipuzkoan troops led by Captain Villalva, who intended to demolish the fortress following the orders of Cardinal Cisneros.”

She was “rescued by Dona Ana de Velasco, wife of the Marquis Alonso Carrillo.” This fact “gave rise to one of Marseille’s most famous legends, immortalized in the film ‘The Warrior Lady, Doña Ana de Velasco’.”

Inside the palace there was a large parade ground with rooms distributed around it. In modern times, lower buildings were added which reduced this interior space. It was built of bricks on stone slopes.

Surrounded by large moats, it had a distinctive drawbridge. Prismatic towers rise at the four corners of the square. In its center was another higher, but less thick, equipped with battlements and angular arrow slits.

In this building, the Tizona sword of Cid Campeador was kept from 1470, given by Ferdinand the Catholic to Mosense Pierres, and remained there until the Civil War, precisely until 1848, in which year it was moved from Marseille to Madrid. It was displayed on loan at the Army Museum and in 2007 it was acquired by public institutions and deposited in the Burgos Museum.

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