CorSera: Juve and Milan on Vlahovic: the Rossoneri are ready to play the Ibra card

The attacker will inflame the market in January (and most likely also in June): the Rossoneri and Bianconeri are watching

The Corriere della Sera dedicates a page to Dusan Vlahovic and the market around him, able to match Hamrin, but destined for a quick farewell unlike the Swede. Prandelli’s determination has made the flower of the talent of a player blossom who, in Europe, is second only to Haaland, and is undoubtedly the strongest center forward in Serie A. Solo Lewandowski he scored more in 2021. We only need to understand when he leaves Florence. Many, including Vlahovic himself, are pushing for a stay until June, to be dragged into Europe and consider the debt with the city paid off. There are the big ones in Europe, in Italy there are Juventus (destination designated by many also in Florence, where it is feared that it may follow in the footsteps of Chiesa and Bernardeschi) and the Milan, who for now has not moved but records the good willingness of the boy to play a year with his idol Ibrahimovic. Fiorentina, aware that they will not collect more than 40 million in June, have in the meantime blocked Mayoral and chases Berardi. “It will be two electric months”.

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