Corxo fire station in Vigo closed this Sunday due to lack of personnel

O Marisquino’s is closed on weekends, with a large influx of people, and is fully operational and returns from holidays.

Corxo fire station in Vigo will be closed today Sunday due to lack of personnel, as has already happened on other occasions. The closure takes place on a difficult weekend for the city of Oliveca, as O Marisquino is being celebrated, which brings together a large number of people, and also coincides with the operation to and from the holidays for many citizens. .

These factors can increase the likelihood of going into an emergency. ,As happened years ago, we may find ourselves before a much bigger emergency only one open fire station E precisely or the color that I covered the area of ​​the sawmill where the incident took place, the chest, It is nearly impossible to operate service from Teis’ Central Park.“, firefighters said in a statement.

Thus, the soldiers warned Increases response time to an emergency in the Samil area by approximately 15 minutes, A fact to which must be added the paucity of material and human resources, as there are only five operational fire stations. ,We fail to understand how the municipal government is failing to adhere to the minimum standards that it itself has approved in the Local Government Board“, the statement said.

The firefighters demand that all vacancies in the service be filled, manpower be modernized and all pending OEPs be executed immediately. ,The city’s safety can never be up to luckFrom the point of view of security or in the absence of any foreseeable event with these characteristics, the municipal government may not allow“concludes the letter provided to the media.

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