Costa Rican singer Elián Feli releases debut album, produced by an engineer who worked for Radiohead and Muse.

When Alien Felli decided to launch his solo career, he knew it wouldn’t be easy, but he was sure of one thing: he wanted his music to reflect his essence.

Alien Felli intended to create a rock and roll production in the style of the 60s, but to achieve this he knew he needed to rely on a sound engineer with sufficient experience in that field. So he started his search with the sole aim of finding the right person.

While browsing the Internet he found Chris Brown, a music producer, sound, mixing and mastering engineer with extensive experience in the recording industry. At that time, Gonzalez knew he was the right person to be included on his album, which was also called Alien Feli.

“I looked at their credentials and they shared many elements with my music. “I’m very influenced by the British vibe, so I assumed Chris was going to understand the mixing techniques I used to be able to create an immersive experience when people put on headphones and listen to the music,” They said. Alien Feli.

He said, “I wanted it to be like that psychedelic rock of the ’60s, where things move from one side to the other.”

Gonzalez confirmed that he was not wrong in his decision, as Brown not only understood his musical vision, but also added his personal touch and “his expertise was evident.”

Since 1997, the music producer has recorded numerous orchestral and film soundtracks. Additionally, he has worked with bands such as Radiohead and Muse, as well as some work with George Martin. He also worked at Abbey Road Studios for a decade.

“For me, working with them was like going up a notch in terms of how seriously I was going to take music in my life, because I believe that when someone decides to invest in a project of this level, “This person is so experienced and professional, it means you have to approach it with seriousness and confidence to get what you want,” says Gonzalez.

For this album, the 26-year-old artist also added Costa Rican drummer Horacio Paris, who he believes was also an important part of what he wanted.

As a result, Alien Felli’s album contains a total of eight songs performed in English, which are already available on various music platforms. some topics like The devil works for me, Jazmine And All the bees.

In these songs, the singer addresses experiences such as love for music, overcoming personal demons, empowerment, insecurities, and the search for self-understanding.

“During difficult times, I turned to the only music I knew (…) to distract myself. Music has always had a deep influence on my life, so these songs aim to channel the real experiences of my youth and connect with those who may have felt the same way,” the musician explained.

He added, “If I had to summarize the theme of the album, I would say it’s about the difficulty of managing my mental health during the ages of 18 to 21.”

And although his debut album is entirely in English, Alien Feli does not rule out making music in Spanish in the near future. However, right now his focus is on promoting his album and planning his first live concert, which he hopes will take place soon.

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