Cough Remedies: Mullein Tea

medicinal plants They are those whose utility is to treat diseases or heal injuries of people and animals, and they can be used in whole or in specific parts.

One of them is Mullein, scientific name Pseudognaphalium obtusifolium And it is also known as verbasco or cloth grass, which helps fight a variety of Disease From respiratory system to piles.

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It must be said that this herbaceous plant comes from the family Scrophulariaceae And commonly grows in Europe, West Asia and North America. Its stem, leaves and flowers are useful in making by boiling them in water. TeaHowever it is also sometimes used to treat skin problems.

Mullein plant. Source: Freepik

According to the University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP), the medicinal uses of various species of mullein are primarily in the treatment of respiratory problems such as asthma and bronchitis.

In addition, it must be said that it is good for soothing common cold symptoms such as fever, cough, laryngitis and annoying sore throat; and other diagnoses such as sinusitis, pneumonia and pulmonary emphysema.

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He Tea Mullein also helps to improve venous circulation, so it is recommended to be taken occasionally for people who have varicose veins and problems related to blood vessels; As well as swelling caused by heart failure.

Mullein plant. Source: Unsplash

Finally, we must warn that consuming it in large quantities can be counterproductive and this also applies to the consumption of mullein. Experts recommend that it should not be used internally during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Consuming it for a long period of time is also not recommended, as it has potential liver toxicity.

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