Could Kim Kardashian be taking her first steps towards The White House?

Yes ok kim kardashian Best known for her antics on her reality show along with a host of other business interests, a little-known fact about the California native is that she is very passionate about reforming America’s prison system.

The socialite even visited the former president donald trump at the White House in 2018 to ask him to pardon the activist alice marie johnsonwho like Kimis a social activist advocate for American criminal justice reform.

This time it is news because he has visited with his sister khloe California State Prison in Los Angeles. Both have shown their desire to work to foster a new group of criminal justice reform leaders.

In this way, accompanied by a group of advisors from the Reform Alliance, they spoke with different prisoners to learn from their experiences. “It is always an honor to be able to visit the men and women who live behind the walls of each prison,” he declared. Kim42, to ‘People’ after his visit.

kim kardashian

With your collaboration in these initiatives, Kim and khloe They also seek the support of the new generation of leaders and influencers, committed to prison change, who take human rights into account and who “will join us in this fight.”

“It is always an honor to be able to visit the men and women who live behind the walls of our prisons. Hearing the stories of people trapped in the prison system is what drives my commitment to advocating for reform and finding ways to leverage my platform to help change their lives and the laws,” said Kim Kardashian.

For the protagonist of The Kardashians, it was a very special day because it allowed her to show more closely the work that they usually do behind closed doors to a series of young influencers, including the D’Amelio sisters. This group makes up the council that Reform recently created to train the leaders of the future that they hope will carry on with their mission.

kim kardashian

This is not the first time that the celebrity has been involved with the prison system in the United States. The influencer previously helped Tennessee inmate Cyntoia Brown obtain clemency and has played a key role in the release of inmates such as Matthew Charles and Jeffrey Stringer.

In fact, Kardashian and her legal team helped facilitate the release of 17 prisoners in a span of three months.

Kim Kardashian dreams of being a lawyer

You probably think that kim kardashian She has already fulfilled all her dreams at the age of 42 thanks to her fame and her privileged economic position, but there is one that she still needs to fulfill: becoming a great lawyer and setting up her own law firm, a profession she has admired since she was little because it is the that his father played robert kardashiano.

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