Could Margot Robbie play Britney Spears in an autobiographical movie?

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After this the next one started going viral Singer Britney Spears’s book, Where she reveals details about her career, memories about herself and some of the events that the pop princess went through, and she is also Told about dating Justin Timberlake, Who is a singer, music producer who has gained attention, since information has been received about one Autobiographical film.

And this news became more relevant when it was said that Film project actress Margot Robbie may play the role of Britney SpearsAt least this was announced by an Instagram account named Deuxmoi, which is dedicated to providing some information about Hollywood actresses, however, during an interview he raised the question margot About the authenticity of this information.

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This happened during an event diversity power of women where a margot robbie He was asked about the controversy and whether he was going to play Britney Spears, In her new autobiographical film, about which no further details have been revealed, nor about the cast or the director, but Margot’s name and her relationship with the pop singer were released, the production of which was carried out The book The Woman in Me.

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margot robbie clarify whether he will play Britney Spears in the British series

And it seems that the actress first found out about this information, and although it all started on social networks, where she mentioned this fact margot can explain because they are making every effort to accept him, however, The actress who gave life to Barbie declared that she did not know anythingAnd at that moment it became clear:

“No, no. I just found out about it tonight! That’s not true,” Robbie said.

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