Could you introduce characters from Star Wars Rebels?

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    Can you take advantage of Disney to introduce characters from the series Star Wars Rebels in the series Andor in the same way that he took the opportunity to introduce characters from clone wars in The Mandalorian? The dates fit, we know that Cassian Andor (Diego Luna) has been in the Fulcrum spy canon and we know that Ezra Bridger, for example, has just joined the Specters on that date, so by proxy, he can perfectly introduce characters from Rebels once it gets into the plot (remember that the first two seasons, of twelve episodes each, have already been confirmed and we have to give them time to present the rebellion to us on the street). Especially Ezra, a character who will end up crossing paths with Ahsoka Tano (Rosario Dawson) and if that is the path that the Star Wars series on Disney Plus will follow, it would require a prior presentation (actor Eman Asfad who will play Bridger in Ahsoka might as well debut in Andor...). Hey, or even if it’s just showing the distance to the Spirit entering or leaving hyperspace, fleeting. star wars series Andor takes place five years before the events of rogue one, which puts us at 5 BBY. While we witness the conversion of Cassian Andor (Diego Luna) into a full-blooded rebel and they explain to us how it is possible that the captain of the resistance is capable of murdering in cold blood and without disheveled at the beginning of rogue one to another human being (who doesn’t work for the Empire) after getting the information you need from him because you have to run from a few stormtrooper patrols and it’s not a matter of having unnecessary ballast, there’s more going on in the galaxy. five years of rogue one It is the exact moment when Saw Gerrera (Forrest Whitaker) decides to give him a gun and let Jynn Erso (Felicity Jones) walk away from his group. Jen is sixteen years old. Saw Gerrera and his insurgent group have turned to terrorism against the Empire and Jynn disagrees with his methods. We already know (it’s official, not a spoiler) that Saw Gerrera appears in the series, so the terrorist faction is clearly going to appear, which could also appear (this is speculation) Jynn five years younger, even if it is passing by. but you are here for Rebels. 5 BBY is the year that Ezra joins the Specters and when Kanan Jarrus begins training him.

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    What possibilities are there? The showrunner of the series, Tony Gilroy, wanted to make it clear that even as part of the Star Wars Universe, he wanted to show the rebellion in the most realistic way possible and, apart from Mon Mothma, Cassian Andor himself and Saw Gerrera (a character that before rogue one had been featured in season 5 of clone wars), with new characters. That should eliminate the possibility of introducing characters that distract from a main plot more ‘urban’ than ‘spatial’. TLDR: They want the series to be a complementary product to the usual Star Wars products in the same way that it was in its day rogue one. But, of course, that did not prevent the Darth Vader cape and helmet from showing up. And that’s where I wanted to go. If we talk about the plans for the Death Star, it is inevitable that Darth Vader will appear wanting to do with them. If we talk about the Death Star, it is inevitable to talk about Moff Tarkin, hence the CGI of Alan Cummings. And if Krennic (Ben Mendelhson) needed a corrective, a slap on the wrist, in this project he had to come from Darth Vader himself. There is a direct connection. However, if we want to talk about the rebels, neither Fulcrum nor the Specters can be ignored, but we do not need the reference of a series with which a part of the viewers is not familiar. Darth Vader was a clear anchor point (Tarkin was a wink, a more than successful amusement). If we’re going to be introduced to the rogue cells, it would be strange if the Specters weren’t mentioned, but they don’t have to be. In the same way that it would be strange if Fulcrum was not mentioned. Because of the few things we know about Cassian Andor’s past prior to the release of Andor is that he used the codename Fulcrum when he was a Rebel Alliance Recruitment Agent in the Albarrium sector.

    It is, I think, quite clear that Andor will not enter the plot of the Specters of Rebels, first because we have already seen it in the animated series and second because the training of a Jedi would distract from the main plot: how Andor becomes a spy for the Rebel Alliance and one of its captains, under the direct command of Mon Mothma . The path of the Jedi during those years has more fit in the next series Ahsoka. So the series is going to be closer to the Fulcrum concept, central to Cassian as she grows up as an intelligence agent for the Rebel Alliance than the Wraith’s fight on Lothal. The galaxy is wide enough to have different pockets of rebellion.

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