Count everything! Shawn Mendes talks about the breakup

UNITED STATES. – Shawn Mendez commented on how he has felt since his relationship ended with Camila Hair. It’s that he not only had to suffer from ending a long relationship, but also the things that came from that breakup. Since the public wasn’t particularly happy about it, that’s why she recently decided to upload a video to his Instagram account to clear everything up.

The Canadian is preparing to release new music, in which there will be news related to the end of said relationship. Mendes commented that at the moment of ending a bond, one does not realize that it is not only the moment of the break, but everything that comes after. And it is that not only the person with whom they thought to share life is lost, but also a friend such as Cabello.

Shawn Mendez He pointed out that he did not know how to handle his daily life events. Like, for example, having to change who he called when he had a panic attack. Even when she is on the brink of losing control of her thoughts. Surely it must have been quite difficult to get used to the fact that this person is no longer her confidante.

Shawn Mendes talked about his reality

He then commented that this was what made him realize that he was now in his account for many things. He confessed that it was something he didn’t think was that annoying, but he really hates not having someone around him. Anyway, he now knows that this is his reality and he has to learn to deal with it for a while until he gets used to it.

According to what was said during the end of the relationship, the one who had the initial idea was the same Shawn Mendez. It was even commented that Camila Hair she wasn’t totally convinced and got a little angry. Although she, after thinking about it, she realized that it was the best for both of them and she ended up accepting that they should begin to travel new paths separately.

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