Countdown to Figliuolo: who will replace him from April

On March 31st it ceases state of emergency which was set up to fight the Covid-19 pandemic. And the general Francesco Figliuolo will end its mission on the front of the pandemic emergency, which began on 1 March 2021, succeeding Domenico Arcuri. So, after more than a year, he will have to bid farewell to the anti-coronavirus commissioner structure.

Starting from April 1st and until December 31st 2022 it will be theUnit for the completion of the vaccination campaign and for the adoption of other measures to combat the pandemic to operate in the anti-Covid field, with the same functions. The Unit, in fact, will have the task of curing “the definition and, where possible, the conclusion of the administrative, accounting and legal activities still in progress“. Subsequently, from 1 January 2023, the Ministry of Health it will take over from Unity. The latter, therefore, will be working on the pandemic front for nine months, during which the Ministry is authorized to form a team, consisting of about fifty people, to “guarantee support actions in the fight against pandemics in favor of regional health systems, ensuring the supply of drugs and vaccines for the treatment of emerging epidemic-pandemic pathologies and personal protective equipment“.

The handover was indicated in the decree, which declares the overcoming of the state of emergency. The director of the Unit will be appointed by a decree of the Prime Minister and will have the task of acting “with powers attributed to the extraordinary Commissioner“and it is probable that it is another general. Among the most eligible candidates, according to reports from theHandlethere would be Maurizio Riccò, the current Army Logistics Commander. The Unit also foresees the presence of a deputy director, who will be chosen from among the first level managers of the Ministry of Health. General Figliuolo, on the other hand, starting from 1 April, will be able to return to devote himself entirely to the leadership of the operational command of the inter-force summit, the Covi, that is the body that deals with the operations of the Italian military abroad, a particularly delicate role, especially in the light of the latest events. And from the war to the new coronavirus he will return to dealing with the real war.

There vaccination campaign, led first by Domenico Arcuri and then by General Figliuolo, has up to now counted the administration of 135 million doses of the anti-Covid vaccine. The Italians who have completed the first dose are 49.7 million, equal to 83.9% of the population, while up to now, 65.2 have completed the complete cycle (i.e. three doses of vaccine). % of the population, i.e. 38.6 million people. If there are many citizens who have completed or are completing the administration of the vaccine, still over 4 million Italians are not protected from Covid-19. For this and for the numbers of daily infections, it seems that it is not yet the time to go back to normal and it is necessary “ccontinue to have, even after 31 March 2022, a structure with adequate capacity to respond to possible worsening of the national epidemiological context.“. The appropriate structure was identified in the temporary operational unit, which will be composed of fewer personnel than the commissioner structure led by Figliuolo and which will subsequently be replaced by the Ministry of Health.

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