COUNTERCURRENT: The government and its monsters

By: Juan Ramon Martinez

Every government creates hopes, monsters and enemies. Carías chose Gálvez to stop discontent and prevent the deterioration of nationalism as a power option. To do this, he retained control of the judges and commanders. But he left the rest “to the man with the cigar”, to the ruler “in shirt sleeves”. Avoiding competing with him; or dispute the leading role, because he was preparing his return in 1954. Villeda Morales accused the nationalists of having wasted 25 years. But he did not disqualify them as a future option, because that would have meant an anti-democratic posture. López Arellano, in his first government, based his power on anti-communism, for which he chose among the civilians, -the best-, without ruling out the liberals who, he had removed from power in the early hours of the third of october. In the democratic period, Carlos Roberto Reina has been the most sectarian. He even wanted to get Carlos Flores out of the ring who, with votes from the DC, was able to retain the presidency of Congress that he wanted for his brother Jorge Arturo. Carlos Flores did not disqualify anyone. And rather, understanding that governing provokes different perceptions in the electorate, he dedicated himself, using the media, to model that perception. So, at the end of the day, the population believed that things were getting better. Even faced with “Mitch”, he always offered hope and joint work, avoiding the sectarianism that had begun to spread like weeds during the Reina government.

This government, contrary to that of Carías, encourages ambiguity. He conveys the idea that it is family-oriented; in that the rural patriarch, he ordains his wife, which is what he has to do. He made the mistake of appointing himself an advisor and making the ministers disappear, whom he replaces, as the boss takes the machete from the farmhand, to teach him how to clean the paddocks. With a disqualifying speech about JOH, he makes all his enemies and, via sectarianism, disqualifies the opposition and the media, losing the necessary criticism because they have the sin of having survived a prisoner ruler, punished by the gringos and, pointed out by the justice as a drug trafficker. For this reason, in a very short time he has isolated himself, losing public opinion and increasing fear among the opposition, helped by the clumsiness of Foreign Minister Reina; the macho brusqueness of Natalie Roque; Esponda’s invisibility and Edwin Hernández’s dubious sexual conduct; the clumsiness of Rixi Moncada who, ignoring everything about finances, says nonsense, harming the economy; the unusual incompetence of the secretary of energy; the “dogish” fury of Milton Benítez, who, instead of making friends as is his obligation, creates enemies among respectable businessmen and bankers; the exaggerated exposition of the Minister of Defense, that we see everywhere, ordering everything; and, securing the doors, where the enemies can enter. All this and much more, means that the government has created a monster: that of incompetence. And an enemy, the general fear. Possibly, in the spirit of showing that “Mel” Zelaya is the only one capable of governing us, projecting an image of incompetence to Xiomara Castro who, during all these months, has not met with social communicators, with those who shape public opinion; neither she nor she has made any effort so that the opposition sectors see her as a governess at the service of all, working for the collective reunion, in view that the country belongs to all; and we are all necessary. She is isolated, without power, as she is perceived, she gives the impression that she is the victim of an excessive machismo, that wants to eliminate her, so that all the light falls on her husband. And this one, in a miraculous mood, calms down the street rebellion in which the unemployed, Free or not, -only God knows-, are desperately looking for jobs. And although he wants to deceive them, saying that there is no money “because JOH stole everything from him”, they know that pressing him will give them work. And they get it.

This route will cause crisis in finances; it will paralyze private investments and cause chaos in public accounts. “Mel”, by feeding the monster of ungovernability, does a lot of damage to his wife, who has not made her debut as ruler. She is a housewife brought to the palace to serve coffee to visitors. Nothing more. Outside, monsters grow.


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