Coupe Attrape Pokémon GO: Are those the best Pokémon to win your fights in season 16?

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Season 16 of battles continues in Pokémon GO and the rotation of events will take place on November 17, 2023. Now you can participate there Coupe Attrape – Edition Des adventures en foison to try to recover the rewards.

Comment by participating in the Coupe Attrape – Édition Des Adventures à foison sur Pokémon GO?

If this is your first time interested in Combats GO, it’s time to panic! your enough of Click on the Poké Ball menu and then click on the “combat” icon. There you can go Participate at any time in the “fight” section and then select the event you are interested in. You will automatically present your best Pokémon along with the necessary prerequisites or the best things you have in a team. Don’t forget to review it so you can’t do it again. A match pourra bathroom if you launch it and you must face a random sideboard in the world. The more victories you get, the more rewards you will get.

Coupe Attrape Pokémon GO: The conditions to participate in the next edition of adventures

To participate in this contest, please respect the prerequisites you want:

  • Event dates: from November 17, 2023 at 10 p.m. to November 24, 2023 at 9:59 p.m.
  • Pokémon do not exist step step 1 500 pcs pour participant.
  • In Seoul, Pokémon caught during this season are created.
  • The legendary Pokémon are not authorized.

The Coupe Attrape is a competition in which you will only need to use the Pokémon you have obtained during the current season. Attention, a creature that you have before the season and that is available here during the cell is not valid. It is imperative that you capture them from season 16.

Coupe Attrape Pokémon GO: The best equipment to use

You know, it’s almost impossible to predict that random opponents will add similar Pokémon to their teams. Ceci étant said, the selection is there réduite aux créatures ayant été attracted those of season 16 where the PCs are less than 1 500.

Here are the three best Pokémon to join your team:

  • Dark Laggron with Tir de Boué (attacks immediately) + Séisme and Hidrocanon (charged attacks)
  • Steelix with Draco Tail (attacks immediately) + batting and seismic (charged attacks)
  • Vaututrice avec abolition (attacks immediately) + Vibroscur et Aeropique (accused attacks).

Note : Launch the second charged attack on the Pokémon you want to use.

Coupe Attrape Pokémon GO: The best Pokémon available

Well done, you might want to see the three tallest creatures present. In this case, we have some other monsters to propose to you to form your team and find as many matches as possible in this Attrape Coupe.

  • Sablaireua d’Alolan avec dusty (attacks immediately) + Glace Poing and Tunnel (charged attacks)
  • Scorpane with Cru Ailes (attacks immediately) + Aeropique and Tunnel (charged attacks)
  • Excelangue avec Lechouille (attacks immediately) + Plaquage and Mégafouet (charged attacks)
  • Blizzaroi with powder (attacks immediately) + Ball’Metéo Glace type and Eco-Sphere (charged attacks)
  • Feunard d’Alolan avec dusty (attacks immediately) + Glace-type Ball’Metéo and Éclat Magic (charged attacks)

The Pokémon we propose for a selection include some available for the Coupé and there are clearly many alternatives in the list above.

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