Couple gets married at Taylor Swift concert

Couple gets married at Taylor Swfit concert
The couple were fans of Taylor. Photo: AFP.

Through social networks, a video has gone viral in which a couple gets married in full concert of the singer Taylor Swift.

Recently, Taylor Swift gave the second concert of his tourThe Eras Tour” and although in the event there were big surprises. On this occasion, Taylor was not the star of the show, but a couple of boyfriends who got married at the singer’s concert.

With more than five million reactions in just six days, the user @rene_hurtadohas become the sensation of tiktokwell He fulfilled the dream of several fans: to marry the love of his life and have the artist he admires the most present.

In the video titled: “POV: You get married at the Taylor Swift concert”, the couple is seen dressed formally, she in a simple white dress and veil and he in a black tuxedo arriving at the concert.

Subsequently, it is seen her friend, apart from being the bridesmaid, was also the judge who made the marriage official at the concert.

After celebrating the wedding, the three (girlfriend, girlfriend and friend) enjoy the cTaylor Swift concert.

The couple has gone viral before the fact.

How did the idea of ​​getting married at the Taylor Swift concert come about?

In tiktok’s Later, Rene explained how they came up with the idea and details until the wedding: “Max (her husband) knows what YoHow important Taylor is to me.” “He was very nervous the day of the concert.”

“We had always been clear that we wanted to be legally married before the wedding. We wanted to have all the paperwork, the change of last name and the new passport ready before the celebration. So, we decided to do it the day of Taylor’s concert and then go to the event, but she ended up getting married that day at a suggestion from my friends.”

René Hurtado

According to the young her best friend, and bridesmaid, was a big part; given that Thanks to the fact that she had a ticket, it was possible to make it official.

Despite the success of the video, The couple doesn’t know if Taylor Swift found out that a wedding took place during her presentation. However, he acknowledges that his team were very kind to them and one of the musicians even gave him a nib, referring to them as “the boys who had married.”

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