Couples that went from fiction to reality

On many occasions the chemistry between the actors is evident, but it ends with the end of the film. However, on other occasions, emotions begin to well up and cross the screen, so the interpreters end up falling in love in real life. Countless Hollywood legends have fallen in love with their partner and shaped a movie story. For this reason, today we tell you what are some of the couples that they began the romance in a fiction and moved to the reality.

A clear example of this are Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively. They met in the movie ‘Green Lantern’ from the DC universe, which was released in 2011. Although the movie did not achieve the expected success, a beautiful romance could be rescued, since in 2012 they celebrated a secret wedding for their friends and closest relatives. Today they have 4 children: James, eight years old, Inez, six, little Betty, three, and a few weeks ago Blake gave birth to a new member.

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