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President Iván Duque announced that today the country meets the vaccination goal of reaching 70% of the population with two doses. Additionally, he mentioned that will enable the fourth dose for people over 50 years of age, which can be applied 4 months after the first booster dose.

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According to the president, the biologic for this dose may be from Pfizer or Moderna. The decision to approve the second reinforcement was made considering that it is important to maintain the herd immunity rates that the country has been presenting until now.

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During the visit to the Cancer Treatment and Research Center, CTIC, Duque clarified that in in the specific case of Moderna’s biological, the equivalent of half a dose will be applied to be able to comply with the entire scientific immunization project that the health authorities have outlined.

In this regard, he stressed that “we already have more than 13 million compatriots with booster doses. This will be very important to continue protecting ourselves, continue saving lives and continue to irrigate confidence throughout the national territory.”

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For his part, the Minister of Health and Social Protection, Fernando Ruiz, stated
what the exact figures of people vaccinated on this day are a milestone in the National Vaccination Plan.

He indicated that there are 48,715,566 people over 3 years of age with doses in the country and that “42,411,507 have received a first dose and 35,763,941 a second dose, which represents 70.1% of the total population,” he said.

“We announce that this fourth dose for people over 50 years of age will cover 12,595,905 people. This helps us maintain immunity levels at a time when the country has a very important recovery, with a low number of infections,” said the portfolio manager.

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