Covid-19 in Shanghai sparks looting, screaming and protests | Video

The inhabitants of Shanghai, in China, have started protests and looting to the main businesses in the city after the strict confinements due to the rise in cases of covid-19 infections, a fact that occurred after a round of coronavirus tests, which are still continuing in that place.

In social networks, the impressive scenes of people who go en masse to supermarkets drinking practically everything what they find in their path. The situation was unleashed after the restrictions that, among other aspects, prohibit the passage of the inhabitants, which has left many without food and hygiene products.

People in China’s commercial capital complain that online grocery stores often run out of merchandise. Some received government rations with meat and vegetables for a few days, but not knowing when they will be allowed out, the anxiety mounts.

In the videos, you can see how some of the inhabitants shout in the buildingsmany affirm that it is a desperate action in the face of the fears and effects that isolation produces in several.

The complaints put the ruling Communist Party to shame during a politically sensitive year in which President Xi Jinping is expected to try to break with tradition and win a third five-year term as president.

Shanghai highlights the high human and economic cost of China’s “zero covid” strategy, which seeks to isolate all infected people.

The omicron variant has returned China to the starting line in its particular “battle” against covid, with strong restrictions on mobilitythe closed borders to the outside and the confinement of entire cities such as the eastern metropolis of Shanghai.

Local authorities relax the confinement imposed in the city due to the recent uptick in covid cases, but before that the authorities will carry out a new round of nucleic acid tests for all its residents.

According to the latest official count published today, the city registered a total of 23,624 infections this Friday between confirmed and asymptomatic cases.

Vice Mayor Zong Ming said today that the city will carry out a new round of tests for its inhabitants and, based on the results, will classify residential buildings into three types: “confined”, “under control” and “in precaution”, with different measures for each one.

“We will launch policies that will vary by area based on the results of the tests”, said the deputy mayor at a press conference, according to the local press.

Authorities say Shanghai, home to the world’s busiest port and China’s main stock exchange, has enough food, but local chiefs acknowledged on Thursday that getting food to homes is a challenge.

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