“Covid-19 reduces brain size”

Those who have contracted the Coronavirus must then deal with the Long Covid, or with the post-viral syndrome that leads to deal with various physical mutations. The latest research published on Jama Network Open reveals that Covid-19 also affects the brain. The researchers considered 57 reports with data from 250,351 unvaccinated and diagnosed adults and children from December 2019 to March 2021.

The effects of Long Covid

After some time, most of the recovered suffer from fatigue and aches, about one in five complains of a decrease in mobility. Nearly one in four struggles to concentrate, while one in three has started to suffer from anxiety. In addition to pulmonary abnormalities, cardiovascular and digestive problems, patients have encountered another problem: one reduction of gray matter.

Brain problems even for young people

This situation also affects the youngest who have fought against the Coronavirus. There reduction of social interactions resulted in a loss of brain tissue in areas such as the prefrontal cortex, the one involved in impulse and emotion control processes. The battle against Covid does not end with recovery from acute infection. Vaccination is our best ally to prevent disease and its consequences “, said Dr. Paddy Ssentongo.

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