Covid, 20 positives to RSA And Ca ‘Prina stops the visits

Covid, 20 positives to RSA And Ca 'Prina stops the visits

The spaces that were intended for interviews with relatives inside the retirement home

Erba, the access of family members inside the retirement home

they had begun again with a thousand cautions for three weeks

The coronavirus has returned to Ca ‘Prina. In the municipal RSA, which hosts two hundred elderly people, there are twenty cases of positivity to Covid 19: the sick are isolated and in good health conditions, also thanks to the use of antivirals and monoclonal antibodies made available by the infectious diseases department of the Sant’Anna hospital. Inevitable the immediate blocking of visits from relatives, which were resumed amid so much caution three weeks ago.

The first cases of SARS-CoV-2 were detected last week. «In Ca ‘Prina – remembers the health director Antonella Biffi – all the operators are swabbed in rotation once a week, guests once every two weeks. With constant monitoring, cases are immediately discovered ». Within a few days the bill rose to twenty pluses, even if someone has already negativized.

«The elderly are isolated in their respective rooms and are fine, asymptomatic or paucisymptomatic. Thanks to the advice of the infectious diseases department of the Sant’Anna hospital, in some cases we have used antivirals and monoclonal antibodies ». In this way the coronavirus was stopped in time among the potentially most at-risk patients.

Now we just have to wait. “Unfortunately – says the director – we had to stop visiting relatives. They had left about three weeks ago with all the precautions, we had also started to remove the plexiglass following the indications of the law. Obviously it is not possible to know whether Covid-19 has been brought back to the structure by some visitors, but until the situation is calm again we cannot risk it “. (L. Men.)


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