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They are 42.249 the new infections from Covid recorded in the last 24 hours, according to data from the Ministry of Health. Yesterday there were 56,015. The victims are 115 instead, compared to yesterday 43 fewer. There are 1,041,196 people currently positive for Covid, 41,776 fewer in the last 24 hours, according to data from the Ministry of Health. In total, 16,915,301 Italians have been infected since the beginning of the pandemic, while the dead have risen to 164,846. The discharged and healed are 15,709,259, with an increase of 84,344 compared to yesterday.

There are 294,611 molecular and antigenic swabs for the coronavirus carried out in the last 24 hours. Yesterday there were 371,221. The positivity rate is 14.3%, down from 15% yesterday. 338 patients are hospitalized in intensive care, 20 fewer than yesterday in the balance between income and expenses. There are 33 daily admissions. There are 8,412 hospitalized in ordinary wards, or 167 fewer than yesterday

The reduction of Covid patients in hospitals continues: in one week the number of hospitalized fell overall by 7.5%. It emerges from the survey of sentinel hospitals of the Italian Federation of Healthcare and Hospitals (Fiaso). In the week 3-10 May there was in fact a greater decrease in hospitalizations than in the previous week, when it stood at 5.7%. In particular, Covid hospitalized in ordinary wards fell sharply, -9%. The situation in intensive care was opposite, where patients increased by 11 units.

The small jump in numbers in resuscitation can, however, explains Fiaso, be explained by the counter-trend peak detected 15 days ago, immediately after Easter: that increase in patients recorded at the time in the ordinary wards led physiologically with the worsening of some cases, after two weeks, to the increase today in intensive care.

In resuscitation there are “still sick and frail no vax: it is inadmissible after a year and a half of vaccination campaign “. This was stated by the president of the Italian Federation of health and hospital companies (Fiaso), Giovanni Migliore, commenting on the data of the weekly survey from sentinel hospitals. 42% of Covid patients, both in ordinary wards and in intensive care units, are hospitalized for Covid with respiratory and pulmonary symptoms. This is for two thirds of the cases of unvaccinated subjects or without boosters on which the virus continues to have serious consequences. In particular, says Fiaso, the no vaxes in intensive care, equal to 20%, have an average age of 74 years and are 100% affected by other pathologies: precisely those fragile subjects, due to comorbidity and age, “should have be the first to do – underlines the Federation – both the primary vaccination cycle against Covid and the booster “. “The Covid hospitalization curve continues to drop and the arrival of higher temperatures will certainly help us. But we cannot afford distractions. From the analysis of the data of hospitalized patients it emerges that there is still a certain share of unvaccinated elderly and frail people who end up in resuscitation: this, after a year and a half from the start of the vaccination campaign, is inadmissible – comments the president of Fiaso, Giovanni Migliore -. We must have faith in vaccines that protect very well against serious disease “. The usefulness of the fourth dose, better underlines, “is underestimated, instead it is necessary to reiterate, as the Minister of Health said in recent days, the importance of adhering to the booster for the over 80 and for the sick: the small increase recorded today in resuscitations he tells us that people still continue to die of Covid; with vaccinations and the fourth booster dose, however, the most fragile can be protected “.

The situation is also clearly improving for pediatric hospitalizations for Covid. In the survey of the Federation of health and hospital companies (Fiaso) of 10 May in the four pediatric hospitals and in the pediatric wards of the hospitals belonging to the network, a reduction of Covid patients equal to 26.5% is observed. Children up to 4 years are still the majority of hospitalized or 50% of patients (23% have between 0 and 6 months); between 5 and 11 years 34% of hospitalized while 16% are between 12 and 18 years.

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