Covid Bulletin, does everything change on hospitalizations? Why Cts and doctors are against the ministry’s circular

From 1 February the Covid bulletin will change, which will no longer count hospitalizations in the same way, but the last word is not said: the CTS is against

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The Covid bulletin, which daily reports new infections, the number of currently positive, deaths, i hospitalizations, the healings and tampons carried out in Italy, cannot be touched. This is the orientation that would have emerged from the last meeting of the Scientific Technical Committee, which met on January 14 to evaluate the request of the Regions to change the ways in which Covid patients are counted in hospitals.

Currently, in fact, anyone hospitalized with a positive swab, even without symptoms and for other reasons other than Sars-Cov-2 infection, is included in the daily Covid bulletin, but from 1 February everything should change at the behest of the Ministry of Health .

The CTS experts, however, would have reiterated, according to what is learned from nearby sources, the need to continue to count this group of patients in order to adequately monitor the progress of the pandemic, identify variants and trace new outbreaks where possible. .

Covid Bulletin, because the Federation of Medical Orders is against it

The changes proposed by the governors would not be functional. This is the opinion of Filippo Anelli, president of the Federation of Medical Orders (Fnomceo). Changing the criteria for counting positive Covid patients “does not work”, he told Ansa.

“The numbers of infected people, the trend of positives hospitalized in the medical area and in intensive care, however they are counted, overload the hospitals and lead to the exhaustion of the professionals”, considering that those who have been infected by the virus still require special attention and isolation from other hospitalized people.

Positive patients “even if they enter the hospital for other pathologies, still require isolation procedures, dedicated personnel, obliged, as the Anaao-Assomed union points out, to long dressing and undressing procedures,” he added.

“They subtract human and economic resources from a system that must also take care of all other pathologies. In these days we are witnessing, due to the high number of infections, the reconversion of entire departments, the hijacking of staff on positive patients “, said Filippo Anelli.

“Consequently, hospitalizations and non-urgent interventions are postponed, with the risk of worsening the clinical conditions of patients, the lengthening of waiting lists and the related overloading of the territory. In the end, everyone will pay the price, doctors and citizens ”, concluded the president of Fnomeceo, and then launched a proposal to the government.

Covid Bulletin, does everything change on hospitalizations?  Why Cts and doctors are against the ministry's circularPhoto source: ANSA

Filippo Anelli, president of Fnomceo, opposed to the changes planned for the Covid bulletin.

He then explained that “doctors feel alone in defending the citizens’ right to health, even before they are included in their professional and work discomfort and lack of recognition of their social role”.

This “while public institutions also pursue the understandable objective of avoiding new restrictive measures. An objective that cannot be achieved either to the detriment of the safety and working conditions of operators or the health of citizens “.

Filippo Anelli asks Minister Roberto Speranza, number one in the health department, to evaluate “carefully and with the right prudence the requests of the Regions. We are asking for measures to control the epidemic, not make-up operations that disguise the tragic nature and scope of the pandemic ”.

Covid Bulletin, Gimbe Foundation opposed to change: the reasons

The change in the criteria of the Covid bulletin, with a separate entry for positive patients hospitalized for reasons other than Covid, as foreseen by the draft of the circular of the Ministry of Health, would allow to evaluate differently the saturation of hospitals, avoiding entry into the yellow zone and the orange zone of the areas most affected by the coronavirus, with many asymptomatic.

The proposal is considered “inadequate and risky for clinical reasons, and inapplicable for organizational reasons” also by Nino Cartabellotta, president of Foundation Gimbe. “It just serves to avoid restrictions. We might as well remove the system of color regions ”, underlined the expert in a note. It would also lead to “underestimating the real overload of hospitals”.

From 1 February, as the ministerial document reports, everything should change. But the last word is not said, considering the outcry of the specialists, opposed to the changes in the voice concerning the admissions of positive patients.

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Ecdc Covid map January 13, "maximum risk" for Italy: the new colors

Photo source: ANSA

Ecdc Covid map January 13, “maximum risk” for Italy: the new colors

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