Covid Campania today, the data of May 13. Downward curve, less positive in the provinces

Naples, 13 May 2022 – The contagion situation in Campania is improving even today, where a thousand fewer cases have emerged in the last 24 hours. I’m 149.122 the current positives in all provinces, 1,632 fewer than yesterday, of which 3,653 new cases up 21,153 swabs: 3,356 were positive for the antigen buffer and 297 for the molecular. I’m 6 deaths reported today by the regional bulletin, 5 in the last 48 hours and 1 died previously but registered yesterday.

Also i decrease hospitalized in the medical areawhich today they are 615 (-18), while patients in intensive care they grow up to 51 (+16). I am +5,279 the Campania results healed in the last 24 hours, which bring the total of the last two years to 1.504.508.

Covid Campania, the data of 13 May 2022
Covid Campania, the data of 13 May 2022

The situation in Italy

Among the regions, the largest number of cases are recorded in Lombardy (5,347), to follow Campania (3.653) ed Emilia Romagna (3,528). I’m 1,007,863 people currently positive al Covid in Italy, 10,820 less in the last 24 hours, according to data from the Ministry of Health. In total they are 16.993.813 the Italians infected since the beginning of the pandemic, while the dead rise to 165,091. The discharged and the healed are 15,820,859with an increase of 49.734 compared to yesterday. The photography of infections in real time.

Today in the provinces

The metropolitan area of Naples is the area continues to have the highest number of cases: today they are 1,592 and lead to overcome the 909thousand infected in the balance sheet for the last two years. Compared to the Neapolitan, there are almost half the cases a Salerno: the historian of the pandemic speaks of almost 295thousand infectionswhile today they are 917 the positives found by the analysis of the tests. In the last 24 hours, a Caserta shave emerged 566 positive: touches the share of 260thousand cases from February 2022 to today.

Tail lights on the list of infections are still Avellino, with 350 new infections and an overall account of the sick and the healed which exceeds the share of 103thousands residents in two years, And Benevento that today hinstead registered 198 new positives in the last 24 hoursfor a total of beyond 65thousands cases in all.

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