Covid can reduce the size of the penis and cause erection problems

According to experts, erectile dysfunction can be a short or long-term complication of coronavirus infection.

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There are issues that, by their nature, risk not being widely discussed, even when it comes to Covid. Among these, the danger that the coronavirus infection could cause erectile dysfunction, a disorder that represents a typical example of a pathology that is practically impossible to speak openly.

However, a thirty-year-old American succeeded in a podcast who recounted his experience after having had Covid in the summer of 2021. “When I got out of the hospital, I had some erectile dysfunction problems – said the man -. These gradually improved with some medical treatment, but it appeared that I had a persistent disorder. My penis has shrunk, I lost about three and a half centimeters and I have become significantly less gifted than average“.

Apparently – he added – it is due to vascular damage and my doctors seem to think it’s probably permanent. I know this may not matter, but the problem has had a profound impact on my self-esteem and sexuality“.

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According to Charles Welliver, a urologist and director of the Center for Men’s Health at Albany Medical College in Albany, United States, this man’s case is far from isolated. “We know that Covid is a disease that causes a range of respiratory symptoms and leads to many deaths, but there are also quite significant vascular problems that occur in young people. – explained the specialist -. And studies have shown that young people are due to Covid they can undergo priapism, a prolonged erection which in itself is dangerous, or experience erectile dysfunctionfailing to get a good erection. We don’t know how many people suffer from this problem, but it sure is a possibility“.

Also Ashley Winter, a urologist contacted during the podcast via Twitter, agree: “The main reason we think this can happen – said the specialist – it is something we commonly call endothelial dysfunction. It therefore affects the cells that line the blood vessels, which are really important for the function of many organs and which become infected with the virus. This means that it’s not just the lungs that are affected by Covid. And since erection is an event that depends on blood flowerectil dysfunction can occur when those blood vessels are affectedAnd”.

There is a really interesting study, which was done by some urologists in Miami, in which samples of penile tissue were taken in men during some operations. – Winter presumes -. Analyzes revealed the presence of virus particles. And this was observed after the patients had fully recovered from the disease. So we clearly know that Covid can affect the penis, it is something real“.

The study cited by the specialist was published in May last year on the World Journal of Mens’Health and suggested that “diffuse endothelial cell dysfunction due to Covid can contribute to erectile dysfunction“.

Also a separate study, published in March on Andrology by a research team from the Tor Vergata University of Rome, provided evidence of the association between erectile dysfunction and Covid, noting that those who contract the infection has a significantly higher risk to suffer from erectile dysfunction (28%) compared to healthy subjects (9.33%). The Italian researchers concluded that “erectile dysfunction, as a hallmark of endothelial dysfunction, could be a short or long-term complication of Covid-19“.

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