Covid: China against WHO, makes irresponsible statements – World

China defends its ‘zero tolerance’ of Covid by urging WHO director general Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus to refrain from making “irresponsible statements”, after yesterday calling Beijing’s anti-pandemic containment “unsustainable”. China’s action against Covid-19, Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian commented, “evolves according to the situation and keeps pace with changes. It clearly differs from other countries that support herd immunity and policies. relax “. Last week, the CCP leadership reiterated the “full validity” of its policies.

China hopes that the people in question will look at its anti-pandemic policies “objectively and rationally” and avoid “irresponsible statements,” Zhao added in the daily briefing. The hard line pursued by Beijing against the latest wave of infections linked to the Omicron variant has triggered strong protests in Shanghai for the management of the prolonged lockdown to which the Chinese financial hub has been subjected for over a month, while the Chinese capital is also struggling to avert draconian blockades, despite the measures gradually adopted by local officials herald the worst scenario. Today, for example, it was decided to close the Forbidden City to the public until “new notice”. The social media debate in Mandarin over Tedros’ statements was throttled by the Great Firewall censorship, while only a few official accounts were allowed to respond, including that of Hu Xijin, the former editor of the nationalist tabloid Global Times of which he is still a columnist following. “Tedros should respect China and when he speaks specifically of China he should think about whether his words will have a positive effect on promoting solidarity in the fight against Covid-19 in China,” Hu wrote on Twitter.


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