Covid emergency, numbers down in Piacenza. Call Usca from 150 to 20

The numbers of the Covid emergency in Piacenza are still in constant decline. This is what emerges from the weekly report published today by the Piacenza Local Health Authority: the positives pass from 651 to 567, with a decrease of 12.9%.
The decline is less pronounced in Piacenza than in the rest of the Region, but in line with Lombardy and the national average. The local incidence is equal to 200 new positives per 100 thousand inhabitants, lower than both Lombardy (285), and the average in Emilia-Romagna (316) and nationally (441).

PADS – The number of swabs carried out is further decreasing, from 7098 to 6764, due to a lower request for tests by the citizens.

CRA – Infections in the Cra decrease: this week 12 guests and 4 operators were positive.
FORTY – Among the numbers that drop is also that of people currently in isolation or quarantine, which goes from 1077 to 837.
USCA – Calls to the Usca are decreasing, which are now less than just over twenty a day (150 last week).

ACCESS PS – The impact on the hospital network is decreasing. Access to the emergency room is on average five per day, but the average number of hospitalized patients drops to 83.
On 6 March there were 74 positive patients. On the same date, there was only one Covid hospitalization in intensive care. There have been five deaths in the last seven days.

VACCINATIONS – As in previous weeks, there was a decrease in average daily vaccinations, due to a sharp contraction in demand. Coverage with the first cycle exceeds 90 per cent for all over 50 groups. The percentage then drops, reaching 31.3 for children between 5 and 11 years of age.
As for the third dose, the sensitivity towards the booster decreases according to age: the youngest have joined with lower percentages than the more mature groups of the population.
On the website the dates, places and times in which it is possible to administer the vaccine and the days in free access are published.
At the moment, the Piacenza Arsenale, Castel San Giovanni and Fiorenzuola offices, as well as Bobbio and Bettola for specific sessions, remain active with openings on different days of the week.

Specific sessions are provided for Novavax, which can only be administered to people aged 18 or over who have not yet received any dose of the SARS-CoV-2 / Covid-19 vaccine. Reservations are required.
The site also shows the sessions dedicated to children between 5 and 11 years old.

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