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Bologna, 6 May 2022 – The new ones cases of Covid 19 in Emilia Romagna they are 3,595 (Down from yesterday: 4,041). There are over 5,800 recovered, 2,300 fewer active cases. Hospitalizations are still stable: -2 in intensive care, +2 in Covid wards. 18,889 swabs were performed. The average age of the new positives is 44.3 years. Unfortunately they register eleven deaths.

In the lasts two days in the Region there was an average of 4 thousand infections per day, while the hospitalized people, even in daily variations, there are just over 1,300. Intensive tarepias are always stable at 4%the covid departments are al 15%. On the front vaccineson the other hand, the EMA has made it known that most likely in September there will be a vaccine against the covid, indoneo against the variants.

The data of today's bulletin in Emilia Romagna - 6 May 2022
The data of today’s bulletin in Emilia Romagna – 6 May 2022

The other Veneto – Marche bulletins

Coronavirus bulletin in Emilia Romagna today

Since the beginning of the epidemic from Coronavirusin Emilia Romagna yes are registered 1,431,893 cases of positivity, 3,595 more than yesterday, out of a total of 18,889 swabs performed in the last 24 hours, of which 10,055 molecular and 8,834 rapid antigen tests.

Overall, the percentage of the new positives on the number of tampons made is del 19%. 97.3% of active cases are in isolation at home, with no symptoms or with mild symptoms.

The map of infections by province

The situation of infections in the provinces can be seen Bologna with 790 new cases (out of a total of 295,593 since the beginning of the epidemic), followed by Modena (568 out of 222,645); then Reggio Emilia (437 out of 162,279), Parma (393 out of 119,646), Ravenna (347 out of 132,417) e Ferrara (245 out of 99,301); so Rimini (227 out of 135.003), Cesena (189 out of 79.332), Piacenza And Forlì, both with 138 cases, respectively out of 75,225 and 66,410 total since the beginning of the epidemic; finally, the Imola district (123 out of 44,042).

THE active casesthat is i actual patients, are 51,017 (-2,300). Of these, the people in home insulationor those with mild symptoms that do not require hospital treatment or are symptom-free, are a total of 49,653 (-2,300).

Hospitalization in Emilia Romagna

Patients currently hospitalized in the intensive therapies of Emilia-Romagna are 32 (-2 compared to yesterday, equal to –5.9%), the average age is 67.6 years. Regarding patients hospitalized in the other Covid departmentsI am 1,332 (+2 compared to yesterday, +0.2%), mean age 75.6 years.

On the territory, the patients admitted to intensive care are distributed as follows: 3 a Piacenza (+1 compared to yesterday), 1 in Parma (unchanged); 7 a Reggio Emilia (-2); 4 a Modena (+1); 8 a Bologna (unchanged); 3 a Ferrara (-1); 2 a Ravenna (-1); 4 a Rimini (unchanged). No hospitalization in the Imola district, Forlì And Cesena (like yesterday).

Victims and healed

Victims and healed

People as a whole heal I am 5,884 more compared to yesterday and reach an altitude of 1,364,173. Unfortunately, there are 11 deaths:

  • 3 in the province of Piacenza (two women aged 90 and 95 and a man aged 91)
  • 3 in the province of Reggio Emilia (two women aged 80 and 90 and a man aged 86)
  • 2 in the province of Modena (a woman and an 88-year-old man both)
  • 3 in the province of Ferrara (two women aged 91 and 92 and a man aged 94).

There are no deaths in the provinces of Parma, Bologna, Ravenna, Forlì-Cesena, Rimini is in the Imola district. In totalsince the beginning of the epidemic i deaths in the region there were 16,703. Compared to what was communicated in recent days, one case was eliminated, positive for antigen test but not confirmed by molecular swab.

Bulletin Italy today

I’m 43,947 new cases of Covid in Italy (May 5 48,255) compared to 302,406 swabs carried out out of a total of 215,559,634 since the beginning of the emergency. This is what we read in the bulletin of Ministry of HealthHigher Institute of Health of today. In the last 24 hours it has been 125 deaths (May 5, 138) bringing the total death toll since the beginning of the pandemic to 164,304. The total cases of Covid in Italy become 16,726,990. Currently the positives are 1,146,385 (-18,739), 1,136,858 people in home isolation.

THE hospitalized in hospital with symptoms are 9164 of which 363 in intensive care. The discharged / healed are 15,416,301 with an increase of 62,978 units in the last 24 hours.

The region with the highest number of new cases in the last 24 hours is Lombardy (5,747), then Campania (5,009), Veneto (4,464) and Lazio (3,807).

Donini: “The Region will organize the vaccine in the autumn”

“I am convinced that when the vaccines in the fall we will find the best organization to vaccinate and also the willingness of citizens to get them. “The councilor for health of Emilia-Romagna, Raffaele Donini, is optimistic about a new race for the anti-Covid vaccine in the autumn, despite the generally not exciting numbers on the fourth doses for people most at risk. When he returns to approach winter, Donini confides, the Emilia-Romagna region will answer. “We expect that like any respiratory virus in the autumn season Covid will return to intensify both circulation and intensity and aggression. However – underlines the commissioner, today at the Sant’Orsola in Bologna – we will have vaccines which, by now it is quite clear, will be available in the fallincluding the possibility of immunization with respect to the new variants “.

The lower incidence of serious cases, according to the commissioner, will not distract citizens from the intention of getting vaccinated. “People are intelligent – says Donini – us we have vaccinated 91% of citizensmore than 2.8 million people they did the dose booster. Citizens know very well that this pandemic will not leave us soon, but we have the weapons to defeat it and above all to prevent serious diseases from developing “. fourth dose “overall in absolute values ​​it does not have large numbers – admits Donini – but Emilia-Romagna is the region that is doing the most at national level”. Furthermore, again as a precaution, “it is clear that in closed places where circulation can be greater, the protection of the mask is absolutely adequate”.

The extension on the masks, therefore, it was expected by the Region. “The circulation of the virus is still quite consistent – Donini recalls – even if luckily the vaccination is holding up well in terms of avoiding serious illness”. Finally, the variant chapter. “We will always continue, with our microbiologists – assures the commissioner – to study what moves from the point of view of viral circulation because it is right to monitor if there are new variants. To date, however, we have not received any alarms regarding diffusivity and aggression “.

Iss, the first data of the weekly monitoring

In the period 13-26 April 2022, the average Rt calculated on symptomatic cases was equal to 0.96 (range 0.85-1.07), substantially stable compared to the previous week. The transmissibility index based on cases with hospitalization is below the epidemic threshold and substantially stable compared to the previous week: Rt = 0.91 (0.88-0.94) on 26/04/2022 vs Rt ​​= 0 , 93 (0.90-0.96) on 19/4/2022.

No region is classified a high risk. Three are at moderate risk; the remaining low risk, according to the monitoring of the control room Iss-Ministry of Health on Covid-19. The percentage of cases detected through the tracking activity of contacts is stable (12% vs 12% last week). Also the percentage of cases detected through the onset of symptoms remains substantially stable (42% vs 40%), as well as the percentage of cases diagnosed through screening activities (46% vs 47%).

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