Covid: Fernán Quirós explained the reasons why infections rose and warned: “We have to take care of ourselves again”

In the middle of a new increase in Covid cases, the Buenos Aires Minister of Health, Fernan Quiros, He explained that in the City the infections went from 200 or 300, to 1,000 or 1,100 in recent weeks. And, in addition to considering that this rise will probably mark the start of a new wave of coronaviruswarned: “We have to take care of ourselves again.”

The city official maintained that there is a series of reasons that influenced the triggering and infections, although he said that in the health sector they already expected this to happen at the end of April. “By onset of cold we take the activities inside the places, we close the windows, we spend more time inside, it is an important facilitator of contagion”, he stated as the first cause.

He also said that in the Capital circulates “massively” the BA.2 omicron variant30 to 40% more contagious than omicron BA.1, which was predominant in December and January.

On the other hand, he recognized that there is a relaxation of care measures due to the depletion of the population due to the years of the pandemic. “We are relaxing the measures and we have to take care of ourselves again. When we are in a stuffy interior and a long time, we have to use the chinstrap as long as we can”, he recommended.

As a last factor, he pointed out that they have already passed five months since the last wave, so the protection acquired by the previous disease begins to decrease.

However, he reassured the people of Buenos Aires because he clarified that vaccination levels are “very high”, Therefore, an increase in cases would not result in a significant increase in hospitalizations and deaths.

Vaccination in the city of Buenos Aires
Vaccination in the city of Buenos Aires

“We hope that these cases, which are probably the beginning of this new wave, are not accompanied by hospitalization and deaths. And let’s see a pandemic with an increase in cases or a new wave without such seriousness. Of course, when there are many cases, someone can have a serious illness, but they are generally mild”, he explained and remarked: “Towards the end of the year we will go to the usual circulation of this virus, in this transition period we have a certain degree of increase in mild cases”.

In addition, ruled out that in the City will be applied new restrictions in the face of this growth in infections. “The degree of protection is very high, the chaos is slight and each restriction has a damage, Y no need to add a new social damage where everyone had the opportunity to get vaccinated”, he justified.

Meanwhile, he reported that invitations are already being sent to apply the fourth dose to those over 50 years of age, and that later they will continue with those people who have comorbidities and with the rest of the porteños. He also recalled that those who have not received the turn and are over 50 years old can send an email to or ask through boti -which is the chat of the City- or the free line 147.

Lastly, he thanked the nurses, who celebrate their day today, for their work “in history” and their participation during the pandemic. “In the City we are going to continue working to improve conditions. We know the demands they have and we are going to continue working to present improvement proposals, which tend to respond at least in part to what they are constantly asking us for”, he told them.

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