Covid, from 1 April the farewell to green passes and masks begins

Italy is all white, including Sardinia. From March 28, the era of colors of the Regions, linked to the Covid emergency, ended. From Friday 1 April the green pass will no longer be necessary to go to the hairdresser, bank, public offices. Stop the green certificate also on vehicles, in outdoor restaurants, museums, spas and cultural centers.

On the other hand, the basic green pass remains for accessing the workplace. All this until April 30: from May 1, the farewell to the Qr code that certifies the vaccine, the cure or the negative anti-Covid tampon will be definitive for everyone, even in the workplace.

It is the result of the end of the state of emergency, which started on March 31st, and of the measures adopted by the Government with the decree law 24/2022, in force since March 25th.


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The stop at the green pass

The exit of the green pass will be gradual. Until April 30, the reinforced one is still mandatory (ie obtained with the complete vaccination cycle or with healing) for a series of indoor activities, from swimming pools to conferences, from parties to discos.

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Instead, the basic green pass (also obtained with a negative swab in the last 72 hours if molecular or 48 hours if antigenic) will be enough to access canteens, indoor restaurants, public competitions, outdoor sporting events, airplanes, ships, ferries and trains .

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