Covid, Galli: “More real infections than those declared in Italy” – Chronicle

Infections in Italy are on the rise, but the numbers declared are lower than the real ones

Strong words those pronounced by Massimo Galliformer director of Infectious Diseases at the Sacco hospital in Milan, according to whom the confirmation of one underestimation of cases in our country it is also highlighted by the data of infections in Germany that are much higher than ours in the last 28 days, “unjustifiably”, considering similar parameters.

This also happens because, according to Galli, not all infections are recorded. For example, “there are no reports of people who have had the third vaccination dose and often become infected”. The position of the infectious specialist arrives on the day that the Covid bulletin marks a new leap with 76,260 infections in 24 hours and 153 deaths, and with a positivity rate of 14.8%.

“The important thing, however, is the reflection of the infections on hospitals which, fortunately, is not sensationally negative at present. We must obviously avoid repeating delays in the management of all other pathologies”, concludes Galli, underlining that the other factor to be consider is the autumn, and we need to “get there prepared, for example having children much more vaccinated than they are now would be a good thing. And it would be useful get there with the Green pass And
not with discounts “.

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