Covid Germany, nearly 67 thousand cases. The ‘save holidays’ plan arrives in France

Rome, 23 November 2021 – Austria in lockdown and now the Slovakia think about following it. And while the Swiss records a leap of infections, in France comes the plan ‘save parties‘. The fourth wave of Covid continues to hit Europe. And there is no sign of slowing the epidemic not even in Germany, where even today there is a new record of contagions from Coronavirus. In the last 24 hours the Robert Koch Institute reports 66,884 positives to the virus e 335 dead. The incidence weekly on 100,000 inhabitants has exceeded a new threshold, reaching 404.5. And the hospitalization rate is 5.6, still far from the 15.5 last December hospitalized in intensive care for 100,000 inhabitants, but in some regions the health facilities are already at the limit. In Berlin, only 8% of intensive care beds are free, 8.8% in Saxony, 9% in Bavaria. “The situation is dramatic”, the Minister of Health warned yesterdayJens Spahn.

Covid in Italy: the bulletin with the infections of November 24

In France, the ‘save holidays’ plan

Strengthening of the social distancing he was born in Green pass And acceleration of the vaccination campaign: these are the three pillars of the French government’s campaign that will be announced tomorrow at a press conference by the Minister of Health, Olivier Véran, with the aim of “save the holidays“threatened by what the French believe is the fifth wave of infections, defined by the health authorities as” dazzling “, the government spokesman Gabriel Attal anticipated at the end of the Council of Ministers.

To counter the surge in infections, explained Attal, the strengthening of some measures is being studied, in particular that concerning the use of mask, both externally and internally, and an extension of the health pass requirement, theequivalent of the Italian green pass. The aim is also to accelerate the vaccination campaign. Attal, however, added that “currently the situation is still relatively contained with regard to hospitals” and that “we can still avoid overwhelming”.

In the country, within a week, the incidence rate of Coronavirus infections among children aged 6 and 10 years it has multiplied by 2.5 and is currently at 340 cases per 100 thousand inhabitants, against a national average for adults of 191. This was reported by the French press, recalling that on 8 November it was 80. Above the general average also the rate of infections among children between 11 and 14 years, with 208 cases. Yesterday the Minister of Education, Jean-Michel Blanquer, announced that six thousand classrooms were closed frequency due to infections. Doctors insist on the need for vaccinate the little ones: “We must ask ourselves the problem: it is also a way to prevent children from transmitting the virus to more fragile people, such as grandparents or people close to them, suffering from serious illnesses”, says Jean-Michel Molina, head of the department infectious diseases of the Saint-Louis Hospital, which is part of the public consortium of university hospitals in the Paris area, cited by Bfmtv.

Slovakia: president calls for lockdown

Slovakia is fighting the worst pandemic situation of Covid-19, the hospitals are full and the number of infected is growing. According to the president Zuzana Caputova, a lockdown at this point it is indispensable. “We are losing the fight against Covid, we are the worst in the world in terms of newly infected per one million inhabitants. We need to limit mobility, we need a lockdown. This measure, recommended by experts, must affect everyone, “Caputova said after a visit to a hospital in Bratislava.

Caputova’s intervention comes as the small town of 5.4 million has registered in the last 24 hours 6,739 new infections and 66 deaths. 3,182 covid patients are hospitalized in hospitals. Only 47% of the population received two doses of the vaccine. Caputova does not have the power to enforce the lockdown, but he is the most popular politician in the country and his words carry weight. So far the four-party coalition that governs the country has failed to impose strong measures against the contagion.

Switzerland: new leap in infections

Leap of infections in Switzerland, where they registered in the last 24 hours 8,585 new cases of Covid-19, 17 deaths and 103 hospitalizations, according to data provided by the Federal Office of Public Health (FOPE). Yesterday the Confederation announced 6,354 new cases and last Wednesday 5,981. Over the last 24 hours, the results of 56,160 tests were transmitted, with a positive rate of 15.29%. Over two weeks, the total number of infections is 67,732. The cases per 100,000 inhabitants in the last 14 days are 777.69. Just over 65% of the inhabitants of Switzerland are vaccinated with a double dose. Yesterday Patrick Mathys of UFSP raised the alarm for “critic situation“and with” unfavorable prospects “with respect to the pandemic. Tanja Stadler, president of the Swiss Covid-19 task force, warned that in mid-December the situation of the pandemic could be similar to that of Austria, where the authorities have now imposed a lockdown .

Netherlands, record of cases

In the last 24 hours i Netherlands they recorded over 23,700 cases of Covid, the highest number since the pandemic started. Tomorrow the panel of experts will provide new health indications that will be translated into measures on Friday by the government, announced the Minister of Health, Hugo de Jonge.

Spain, almost threefold incidence among unvaccinated

L’weekly incidence of Covid cases between people not vaccinated in Spain it’s almost three times higher compared to that among those who have been vaccinated: this is revealed by a new statistic published by the Ministry of Health. According to these data, the average incidence recorded between 20 September and 14 November among vaccinated people is 23 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, while among the unvaccinated it is 64.5 cases. In the Iberian country he completed a vaccination cycle 89.2% of the population over 12. Among people between the ages of 60 and 80, the risk of dying from Covid is 25 times higher among unvaccinated people, adds the Spanish Ministry of Health. Since the beginning of the pandemic, 87,866 deaths have been reported. Meanwhile, the “slight” rise in infections that began about a month ago continues, according to what was stated by the Undersecretary of State for Health, Silvia Calzón: the current 14-day incidence is 139 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, while the weekly one is 81 cases. The regions of greatest concern are in the north-east: the Basque Country, the Navarre, of Aragon and of Catalonia. In the latter case, there is an employment rate of 12% in intensive care, the highest in the country. The national average is 6%. The authorities of these regions are preparing some restrictive measures to curb infections, such as extending the use of Green pass.

Great Britain, infections and deaths are on the rise

In Great Britain have been registered 42,484 new cases of Coronavirus in the last 24 hours. Local health authorities report this, confirming that 165 people died for complications related to Covid-19. This is a significant increase compared to the previous day, when 45 Covid-19 patients died.

WHO Europe

It is time to have a “healthy debate” on compulsory vaccination in countries facing the new wave of Covid. The WHO Executive Director for Europe said, Robb Butler, underlining, however, that this is a “very delicate” topic. In fact, he recalled how there are “lessons from history” in which obligations have gone to the detriment of trust in institutions and social inclusion. For Butler, the debate must be done from an individual and also a population-based perspective. Butler argued that “the mandatory vaccine can, but not always, increase prevalence” but it should be a topic governments need to start thinking about. L‘Austria it was the first European state to announce the obligation, which will take effect in February.

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