Covid, goodbye to Green Pass and masks from May 1st

Arrives in the Official Gazette on decree passed on March 17 by the CDM with the rules to bring Italy back to post normality Covida road map in stages that aims at the end of 2022. And among many confirmations there is a novelty: from 1 April you can go to the restaurant indoorsas well as outdoors, with the basic green pass only.

End of the state of emergency from March 31st

Italy will no longer be in a state of emergency: the Technical Scientific Committee and the structure of the Extraordinary Commissioner expire Francesco Figliuolo; in their place it will be created an operational unit to accompany the transitional period.

The color system is also repealed, but monitoring will continue. Finish the super obligation Green pass in the workplace for over 50s (no more suspension, but the fine remains in case of failure to comply with the vaccination obligation): only the basic pass will be required for those who have exceeded this age threshold in the workplace. Stop at the green certificate on buses and local public transport, where the obligation to wear masks will continue until April 30th. It will no longer be necessary to have at least the basic pass to enter public offices, shops, banks, post offices or tobacconists. Even in open-air restaurants, no certificates will be exhibited anymore. For indoor dining you will need the basic pass.

Off to the limit of capacities

Furthermore, the limit to the capacity in the structures (stadiums included), where the basic pass will be requested, expires. Stop contact quarantines with a positive case, even for the unvaccinated: only those who contracted the virus will have to remain in self-isolation while those who have had contact will remain in self-surveillance and wear the Ffp2.

What changes from May 1st

The pass requirement ends almost everywhere. Until April 30 for some activities (canteens, public competitions and interviews in prison, in addition to long-distance transport) it will still be mandatory in the basic version. The strengthened one will remain in effect until April 30 for spas, game rooms, discos, congresses and indoor sporting events. Via also the obligation of masks in closed places.

What changes in June

From 15 June the vaccination obligation lapses which will remain in force beyond this date only for healthcare personnel and RSA. From June 30th the modalities of smart working in the private sector: until the end of the month there will be the possibility of resorting to agile work without the individual agreement between employer and worker. Agile work for fragile workers is extended. December. The vaccination obligation remains in force until the end of the year for healthcare personnel and RSA.

Visits by family members and visitors to people hospitalized in hospitals and social welfare residences will be allowed only with the super Green pass until December 31st.