Covid: in Brescia 1,067 positive, the municipalities most affected by the virus

The contagion curve returns to stabilize after the collapse (first) and the surge (then) of the Easter weekend: there are 1,067 Covid-positive Brescians in the last 24 hours, 6,140 in seven days with an average of 877 infections per day, no change over the seven days (0%) and up 11.1% over the previous seven days. The incidence is also stable, standing at 492 new cases per 100 thousand inhabitants in seven days.

Covid: the situation in Lombardy

In the whole of Lombardy there are 9,678 new positives, 50,611 in seven days with an average of 7,230 cases per day, up by 1.8% over the seven days (Wednesday was + 12%, Tuesday -17.4%) and by 14.1% over the previous seven days. Hospitalizations are still slightly increasing (but thanks to vaccines, very far from the emergency of a year ago): as of April 21, 1,235 Covid patients are hospitalized, 39 of whom are in serious conditions in intensive care.

Finally, there are another 30 coronavirus deaths in the last 24 hours: the moving average in seven days is just over the 24 deaths per day in the last seven days.

The infections in the province of Brescia

From the beginning of the pandemic to April 21 in the province of Brescia, it appears that more than one resident out of four has been infected with Covid: 337,510 total cases, equal to 26.66% of the population. There are more than 5 thousand deaths, but the figure is underestimated especially compared to the first waves between 2020 and early 2021. In absolute terms, the most affected municipalities are Brescia (53,279 cases since the beginning of the pandemic), Desenzano (8,223), Montichiari (7,492), Lumezzane (6,371), Gussago (4,890), Concesio (4,850), Lonato (4,751), Ghedi (4,570) and Rovato (4,478).

Thinking in percentage terms, i.e. the share of the infected population out of the total number of residents, Muscoline is the most affected (893 infections equal to 33.33% of residents): followed by Prevalle (32.82%), Nave (32.78%) , Gavardo (32.12%), Vestone (31.97%), Castenedolo (31.41%), Polaveno (31.24%), Nuvolento (31.22%) and Serle (31.14%).

Province of Brescia: new cases in 24 hours

Province of Brescia: new cases in 7 days

Province of Brescia: variation over 7 days

Province of Brescia: variation on the previous 7 days

Province of Brescia: new cases every 100 thousand inhab. in 7 days

Covid hospitalized in Lombardy

Peaks of Covid hospitalizations in Lombardy

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