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Experts point out the current places with the highest risk of contagion

Since last Wednesday, April 20, the use of a mask indoors in Spain is not mandatory, after the Council of Ministers approved it and the decree law was published in the Official State Gazette (BOE), but with some exceptions: the mask must be worn in health centers, in social health centers and in public transport and taxis.

Despite this, the Ministry of Health urges to make a “responsible use” of the mask, especially in crowds and to protect the most vulnerable, that is, pregnant women, immunosuppressed people and those over 60 years of age. Masks continue to be useful, both for individual and collective protection. In fact, some experts such as Marcos López Hoyos believe that wearing a mask indoors is a measure that should be maintained. According to 20 minutes, López Hoyos recommends continuing to use the face mask so that a new wave “is not as important as the Christmas one”.

For Vicente Martín, professor of Preventive Medicine and Public Health and member of the COVID group of the Spanish Society of Primary Care Physicians (Semergen), we must pay attention to the places where we decide to remove our mask because “in those places where less cubic meters per person is touched, the greater the risk of getting sick and infecting uss”, he declares to the aforementioned medium.

Based on a recent study published in NatureMartín recommends keeping the masks in the gyms, since “people run, exhale, have a higher respiratory rate, with more power they generate more aerosols”. Also in the restaurants, bars, hotels, flea markets, church services, and pet stores.

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