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Navarra Suma censors the “refusal” of the Provincial Government to facilitate the contracts linked to the management of COVID-19

Navarre Sum has censored the “Refusal” of the Government of Navarra to provide the information that it had requested about the contracts linked to the management of COVID-19, which is why he has requested protection from the Bureau and Board of Spokespersons of the Parliament of Navarra. In addition, he will ask about this issue in the next plenary session.

The coalition has recalled in a statement that, on April 8, 2022, the spokeswoman for Health, Cristina Ibarrola, requested the Government of Navarra “a copy of all the information in the file of each of the current expenditure contracts for goods and services for a total of 70.48 million to which the Report of the Chamber of Comptos of the Management of Covid-19 by the Administration of the Foral Community of Navarra (March-December 2020) refers”. “These contracts include, fundamentally, the acquisition of material healthcare, chemical and laboratory products and healthcare concerts”, he explained.

We do not understand the government’s refusalsince it can perfectly provide the requested information through the computer support it deems appropriate”, Ibarrola stated. “Another thing is that he does not want to give it to us because he has something to hide, which would seem very worrying to us”, he stated.

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