Covid Italy, bulletin of 24 March 2022: update on positive cases, hospitalized and healed

There are 39,317 new cases of Covid registered in Italy in the last 24 hours, against 42,249 yesterday and above all the 48,255 infections of last Thursday, a reduction of 20% on a weekly basis.

The processed swabs are 268,654 (yesterday 294,611) with the positivity rate rising slightly from 14.3% to 14.6%.

The deaths are 130 (yesterday 115). The total casualties since the beginning of the pandemic have risen to 164,976.

Hospitalizations are still decreasing: there are 4 fewer patients in intensive care (yesterday -20), with 33 daily admissions, and 334 in all, while in the ordinary wards they are 254 fewer (yesterday -167), 8,158 in all. This is what emerges from the daily bulletin of the Ministry of Health.

Gimbe: fewer cases and deaths but clear reduction in tampons. “The fourth dose doesn’t work”

According to the independent monitoring of the Gimbe Foundation published today, Covid cases in Italy are down (-27.5%) as well as hospitalizations and deaths but the reduction in tampons is clear (-23.6%). The report notes in the week 4-10 May 2022, compared to the previous one, a decrease in new cases (286.350 against 394.945) and in deaths (842 against 962). Currently positive cases are also decreasing (1,082,972 compared to 1,199,960), people in home isolation (1,074,035 while previously they were 1,189,899), hospitalizations with symptoms (from 9,695 to 8,579) and intensive care ( 366 to 358).

Meanwhile, Gimbe always underlines, the fourth dose of the anti Covid vaccine for the frail and the over 80 does not go into action, with coverage relating to 166 thousand immunocompromised (21%) and less than 385 thousand others fragile (8.7%). According to President Nino Cartabellotta, considering the high viral circulation, the decline in vaccination efficacy and the particular fragility of the audience at risk, it is dangerous to wait until the autumn for the fourth dose.

EU: stop to special state aid regime for Covid

The possibility for member countries to grant extraordinary state aid to cope with the Covid emergency by supporting all economic and social sectors affected by the effects of the pandemic will end on 30 June next. This was announced today by the European Commission. The measure adopted in March 2020 allowed national governments to obtain from Brussels, in derogation from the competition rules, the green light to grant aid for a total of 3,000 billion, of which only 730 have actually been spent so far.

WHO: Italy fourth for new cases and third for deaths in 7 days

The decline in Covid-19 cases and deaths continues globally, confirming a trend that began at the end of March. In the week from 2 to 8 May, over 3.5 million new infections are reported (-12% compared to the previous 7 days) and over 12 thousand new deaths (-25%), for a total of over 514 million cases confirmed and over 6 million deaths registered on the planet since the beginning of the pandemic. This is what emerges from the latest weekly report of the World Health Organization, which indicates Italy fourth globally for new infections reported and third for new deaths, and respectively second in Europe for the two items.

In the analyzed period – the report specifies – thanks to the diffusion of new Omicron sub-variants, this week too the number of new weekly cases increased in the Americas (+ 14%) and in the African region (+ 12%), which on the death front marks + 84%, while the Americas remain substantially stable (+ 3%) and the other regions show reductions. Contagions stable in the western Pacific (+ 1%), decreasing in the other regions.

From 2 to 8 May, the highest number of new positives was recorded by the United States (451.414, + 19%), Australia (431.410, + 59%), Germany (427.044, -29%), Italy (304.573, – 21%) and the Republic of Korea (268,749, -29%), while the highest number of deaths was reported by the USA (2,652, + 19%), the Russian Federation (915, -19%), Italy (910, +1 %), France (732, -19%) and Brazil (681, -20%)

Looking at Europe, the new weekly cases have been decreasing since the second half of March, with over 1.4 million reports in the last 7 days examined by the WHO (-26%). However – the report highlights – Moldova and Gibraltar recorded increases (+ 149% and + 25%). The new deaths reported are also still decreasing, over 5 thousand (-24%).

The highest number of new positives was reported by Germany (427,044, 513.5 / 100 thousand, -29%), Italy (304,573, 510.7 / 100 thousand, -21%) and France (267,172, 410.8 / 100 thousand, -30%). The Russian Federation (915, less than 1/100 thousand, -19%), Italy (910, 1.5 / 100 thousand, + 1%) and France (732, 1.1 / 100 thousand, are in the lead for the most recorded deaths). -19%).

The appeal of Bolzano and Trento: “Remove the masks from the schools”

Philipp Achammer (Province of Bolzano) and Mirko Bisesti (Province of Trento) wrote to ministers Patrizio Bianchi (Education) and Roberto Speranza (Health): “As councilors of the autonomous provinces of Trento and Bolzano, with education, by virtue of our autonomy – write the two assessors – we ask, as already happened before, less than a month after the end of the lessons, that our students, of all levels, are exempted from the use of protection within school environments, in the manner deemed most appropriate by your ministries “.

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