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Milan, May 14, 2022 – On the Covid front, the day opens with news that is certainly not positive. In fact, in the last week, the percentage of reinfections out of the total reported cases was 5.8%, up from the previous week (the value of which was 5%). This is what we read in the extended report of the Higher Institute of Health. However, according to experts, reinfections do not correspond to serious cases requiring hospitalization. Another interesting data comes from the ISS: the median age at the diagnosis of Covid of the subjects reported in the last 14 days is 46 years, constantly increasing since February when the value was 37 years. Below is the usual bulletin today on the number of infections, deaths and hospitalizations.

I’m 4,982 the new cases of Covid in Lombardy (yesterday 5,347), in the last 24 hours, compared to 39,106 swabs carried out, out of a total of 37,256,626 since the beginning of the emergency. This is what we read in today’s bulletin of the Ministry of Health. In the last 24 hours, 21 deaths have been recorded (yesterday 20), bringing the total number of victims in the region to 40,263. There are 930 people hospitalized with symptoms in Lombardy, 39 of whom are in intensive care, while 133,238 subjects are in home isolation. The healed / discharged since the beginning of the emergency are 2,667,718 (+6545). The currently positives in total are 134,207 (-1584). These are the new cases divided by province:

  • Milan 1559
  • Brescia 631
  • Varese 413
  • Monza and Brianza 472
  • Bergamo 483
  • Como 305
  • Pavia 294
  • Mantua 197
  • Cremona 136
  • Lecco 173
  • Lauds 90
  • Sondrio 101.

36,042 new cases of Covid have been registered in Italy in the last 24 hours, against 38,507 yesterday and above all 40,522 infections last Saturday, confirming a slow but steady decline weekly trend. The swabs processed are 263,746 (yesterday 265,647) with the positive rate falling from 14.5% to 13.7%. The deaths are 91 (yesterday 115). The total casualties since the beginning of the pandemic have risen to 165,182. There are one fewer patients in intensive care (yesterday +7), with 40 daily admissions, and there are 340 in all, while in the ordinary wards they are 257 fewer (yesterday -251), 7,650 in all.

National data / PDF

The region with the largest number of cases today is the Lombardy with 4,982 infections, followed by Campania (+4,430), Veneto (+3,464), Lazio (+3,394) and Emilia Romagna (+3,179).

Here the data of Veneto, Umbria, Tuscany and Emilia Romagna

Friuli Venezia Giulia: In the last 24 hours, 696 new cases of contagion at Covid were ascertained, of which 216 from 3,480 molecular swabs (6.20%) and 480 from 2,972 antigenic swabs (16.15%). Specifically, 348 cases were found in Udine, 61 in Gorizia, 126 in Trieste and 149 in Pordenone. Four deaths. There are 6 people admitted to intensive care, while 136 are in the other wards. Since the beginning of the pandemic in Fvg there have been 373,020 positives and 5,064 deaths

Trentino: 277 new coronavirus positive cases have been detected in Trentino. This is confirmed by today’s bulletin from the provincial health services company. Fortunately, even for the last 24 hours there are no deaths due to Covid, while the hospital situation sees a slight improvement. 56 patients are currently hospitalized, of which 2 are in resuscitation, as a result of 9 new admissions compared to 13 discharges. (ITAL

South Tyrol: there are 279 new cases of Covid-19 out of 2,185 swabs processed yesterday. One person died causing the victims to rise to 1,470 from 11 March 2020, the day of the first death attributable to the coronavirus in the province of Bolzano. The number of covid patients hospitalized in normal hospital wards is decreasing, which to date are 41 (5 fewer) while intensive care is returning ’empty’. Out of 319,219 people subjected to a molecular swab, 215,230 tested positive, about half of the population living in South Tyrol. The healed are 210,543.

Valle d’Aosta: there are 70 new positives in the Aosta Valley, out of a total of 295 swabs carried out in the last 24 hours. No victims on the last day with the number of deaths since the beginning of the pandemic which remains at 534. There are 26 hospitalized in hospitals for Covid, none is in intensive care.

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