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Eve of Easter 2022 characterized by the loosening of the Covid rules compared to the last two years. At the same time, however, the threshold of attention is growing as the experts underline: “Virtus does not go on vacation”, said the Director General of Prevention of the Ministry of Health. Gianni Rezza. In the last week, however, the percentage of reinfections on the total number of cases it grew in Italy: 4.4%, compared to 4.1% last week. Spotlight on today’s data: in Italy they are 63,815 new cases of
Covid in the past 24 hours
, against the 61,555 of yesterday and, above all, the 63,992 of last Saturday: a situation of total stability. The processed swabs are 422.482 (yesterday 397.482) with a rate of positivity which drops from 15.5% to 15.1%. The deaths are 133, as yesterday: the total victims since the beginning of the epidemic thus rise to 161,602. Hospitalizations are still decreasing: intensive care is 8 fewer (yesterday -1), with 39 admissions on the day, and down to 411 total, while ordinary hospitalizations are 102 fewer (yesterday -95), 9,878 in all. This is what emerges from the daily bulletin of the Ministry of Health. There Lombardy it is still the region with the most cases: 8,598.

The situation in the regions / PDF

Covid Lombardy Bulletin

I’m 8,598 new cases of Covid today in Lombardy, compared to 67,713 swabs carried outwith a positivity rate of 12.7%. In the last 24 hours they are 34 people died, for a total of 39,597 deaths in the region since the start of the pandemic. In intensive care 35 people are hospitalized, 2 less than yesterday. On the other hand, the number of patients in ordinary Covid wards is growing slightly: they are today 1.126, 8 more than 24 hours ago. In the province of Milan there are 2,940 new cases. It follows Brescia with 1.033. Three-digit increase in infections in the other Lombard provinces: Varese +821, Monza and Brianza +811, Bergamo +570, Como +528, Pavia +430, Mantua +401, Lecco +292, Cremona +265, Sondrio +150 and Lodi +148.

Today's data
Today’s data

I’m 4,988 the fourth doses of the Covid vaccine administered between yesterday and today in Lombardy, of which 4,428 to over 80s. This was announced by the Welfare Department. From 12 to 15 April they were carried out instead 17,482 reservations for the second booster, of which 16,728 for over 80. Yesterday there were 8,098 new positives at Covid-19 in Lombardy, 13.9% of the 58 thousand swabs processed in the last 24 hours. 23 deaths, 39,563 since the beginning of the pandemic. There were fewer patients in hospital: one fewer in intensive care (37 beds), and seven fewer in wards (1,118 people). Among the provinces, Milan counted 2,635 new cases of which 1,180 in the city of Milan. Following: Brescia: 1.018; Monza and Brianza: 782; Varese: 699; Como: 565; Bergamo: 506; Pavia: 439; Mantua: 369; Lecco: 321; Cremona: 260; Lodi and Sondrio 132.

The provinces in which the incidence rises

The mathematician’s analyzes Giovanni Sebastiani indicate an increase in the provinces in which the incidence is growing. According to the scholar of the Institute for the Applications of Calculation ‘M. Piconè, of the National Research Council (Cnr), on the other hand, the curves of hospitalizations and deaths drop at national level. The main provinces involved with the percentage increase in the incidence in the last 7 days compared to the previous 7 and the incidence value in the last 7 days per 100,000 inhabitants: Biella (22%, 460), Vercelli (21%, 480), Sondrio (20%, 460)Belluno (19%, 800).

New study on Omicron 2

“Omicron BA.2”sub-variant of Sars-CoV-2 now dominant in the world, “is as deadly as the previous variants when infections occur in unvaccinated elderly people. ”The American cardiologist and scientist points out Eric Topoldirector and founder of the Scripps Research Translational InstituteProfessor of Molecular Medicine, based on a study conducted in Hong Kong and published on the pre-print platform ‘MedRxiv’.

Costa: “Fourth dose recommended for over 80”

“We have just started with the fourth dose of the anti-Covid vaccine for the over 80s, guests of the RSA or the over 60 with high frailty. Mine is a recommendation, because in these categories the scientific evidence tells us that there is a decline protection and it is good to protect them given the circulation of the virus “. The undersecretary for health underlined this Andrea Costa.

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