Covid Lombardia, pharmacy tampons price remains 15 euros

The price of antigenic tampons will remain at 15 euros in 1,800 pharmacies in Lombardy even after the end of the covid state of emergency. “Given today’s expiry of the protocol of the extraordinary commissioner” to the Covid emergency, General Francesco Paolo “Figliuolo, who had so far guaranteed antigenic tampons throughout Italy at the reduced price of 15 euros”, Federfarma Lombardia wants to reassure citizens: “In 1,800 Lombard pharmacies “associated,” about 60% of the total, committed in these months to administer rapid tests, will not start a race for increases “.

“Although the state of emergency has ceased today, and with it, the Figliuolo protocol, Federfarma Lombardia underlines the importance of maintaining the prices charged until yesterday in pharmacies for rapid tampons – says the president of the association, Annarosa Racca – Taking into account the importance that the antigen test execution service still holds in this time phase, in order to be able to carry out the various social and work activities safely, we believe it is essential to continue making it accessible to the entire population at a cost of 15 euros. Antitrust legislation prohibits us from imposing the prices to be applied to our associates – he specifies – but pharmacists, to meet the needs of citizens once again, will continue on a voluntary basis to provide these services by offering them at prices that have always been the best compared to other dispensers “.

“With Dr. Racca I agreed to invite pharmacies to keep the prices of tampons unchanged – declares the vice president and councilor for Welfare of the Lombardy Region, Letizia Moratti – I thank you for this availability and I thank once again the sensitivity of the pharmacies, which are confirmed an important element in the articulated context of territorial health, a fundamental defense at the service of citizens “.

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